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On this page, you will find tips for convenient banking in various situations. You can handle your banking digitally with a few taps or clicks, and our advisers will help you through our chat, on social media or on the phone without an appointment when you need personal advice.

When will higher interest rates begin to affect my home loan?

Most Finns have the 12-month Euribor as the reference rate in their home loans. It’s a variable rate, and the value of the reference rate is determined for 12 months at a time.

Your home loan has an interest review date on which the value of the reference rate will be reset to the rate valid two banking days before the review date. 

Where can I see the interest review date of my home loan?

In Nordea Mobile: Overview > Loans > select your loan > Details > Interest period ends.

Netbank: go to the Finances tab > Loans > select your loan > Loan details > Interest period ends.

How much will my monthly payment change?

As interest rates rise, many things, including your remaining loan amount, loan period and the repayment method you have chosen, will affect your monthly payment and interest costs. You can gain an idea of how much your monthly payment could change using our home loan calculator

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Use the Nordea Mobile app to do your banking. Download Nordea Mobile to your smartphone or tablet from your device’s app store and log into the app securely with your access codes.

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You can use Netbank to handle all your banking conveniently – all you need is a device connected to the internet. To log in to Netbank, you will need either the Nordea ID app or code calculator. 

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Login to the old Netbank has changed - make sure to log in to the new Nordea Netbank next time

The new Nordea Netbank features a new design but has many functions you know. Log in to Nordea Netbank using the Nordea ID app or code calculator. 

Until the old Netbank is discontinued, you can only log in to the old Netbank using a code card.

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