Benefits for the Time Deposit Account

  • The minimum investment is 500 euros.
  • You always know the interest paid on your Time Deposit Account in advance.
  • You can choose your deposit period starting from one month.
  • When you open the account, we agree on the interest which will remain fixed for the entire deposit period.
  • The interest on the deposit follows market rates.
  • The account is covered by the deposit guarantee scheme.

You might also be interested in our FlexiDeposit Account, which is an easy way to save for unexpected events in your everyday life. The FlexiDeposit Account is a continuous savings account that allows you to access your money whenever you need it.

How interest is determined on a Time Deposit Account

Interest on a Time Deposit Account is determined by the deposit period and amount and will be fixed during the entire deposit period.

Interest calculation

Interest is calculated from the date of deposit until maturity, excluding the maturity date, for actual calendar days.


In Finland, the interest paid on Time Deposit Accounts is subject to tax-at-source.

Not yet a Nordea customer?

If you currently bank with someone else but you’re interested in depositing money with us, please fill in the contact form on our website and we will contact you.

Terms and conditions

Other savings account

New! 3 month period also available

FlexiDeposit Account

FlexiDeposit is an automatically renewed savings account for easy, safe and flexible saving. You can always calculate your interest earnings in advance for each saving period, and withdraw your savings whenever you want.

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For first-time home savers

ASP account

You can open an ASP account if you’re aged between 15 and 44 and want to start saving to buy your first home. Once you’ve saved at least 10% of the price of your home, we’ll lend you the rest.

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For monthly saving


A PerkAccount is a good option when you want to build a buffer or save in the short term: you will have unrestricted access to withdrawals and deposits.

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