Unsecured home improvement loans for smaller refurbishments

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FlexiCredit allows you to finance smaller home improvements and repairs. FlexiCredit requires no collateral.

  • Loan amount: from 2,000 euros to 50,000 euros
  • Loan period: 1–8 years
  • Refurbishment examples: painting and wallpapering, a small kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Secured home improvement loans for larger renovation projects

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Secured loans are suitable for mid-sized and large renovation projects. Secured loans always require collateral.

  • Loan amount: more than 15,000 euros
  • Loan period: 1–20 years
  • Renovation examples: renovating the kitchen or bathroom, replacing windows and doors

Renovation loan for major overhauls to improve your home's infrastructure

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A renovation loan is a loan intended for modernising a home. A renovation loan always requires collateral.

  • Loan amount: depends on the project
  • Loan period: 1–30 years
  • Renovation examples: replacing the heating or electrical system, renovating the roof.

What is the difference between secured and unsecured home improvement loans?

An unsecured home improvement loan doesn’t require any collateral from you,

unlike a secured home improvement loan, which you will always need to secure with collateral. Assets that can serve as collateral include the home you’re renovating, an investment property or other assets, such as deposits.

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Home improvement loan for your new home
Home improvement loan for your existing home
Home modernisation

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An energy-efficient renovation replaces systems or structures to improve your home’s energy efficiency. You can get a loan from us for energy-efficient renovations with a lower margin than for regular renovations.

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Credit card

If you need to buy renovation supplies or new furniture, a credit card may prove handy. Many credit cards come with useful insurance policies and allow you to make purchases covered by the Finnish Consumer Protection Act.

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Have you repaid your home loan almost completely? HomeFlex is a loan that allows you to release equity from your home when it’s completely or nearly debt-free. You can use the loan to finance major renovations, such as new pipelines, for example.

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