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Renovation loan - loan for your renovation needs

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen and need a home improvement loan? We offer several ways to finance home improvements – read about the different options and apply for a loan that best suits you. Make your home dreams a reality with financing from Nordea.

Three reasons to apply for a home improvement loan from Nordea

  1. Find the right solution for you: we offer several ways to finance home improvements from which you can choose the one that best suits your project and finances.
  2. Flexible financing: our credit cards and consumer credit come with many flexible features – you can choose how quickly you want to pay off your balance and request a payment holiday if you need to.
  3. Easy to apply: as our customer, you can apply for a credit card or consumer credit from us conveniently online.

Choose the best way for you to finance home improvements

We offer several ways to finance home improvements. Read more about the alternatives below and choose the one that best helps you realise your home dreams.

Credit cardFlexiCreditSecured loanRenovation loan
Loan amountEUR 1,500–10,000EUR 2,000–50,000More than EUR 15,000Depends on the scope of your project
DescriptionFor buying smaller items for your home. No collateral needed.One-time credit for which you don’t need to provide any collateral.A loan for larger purchases when you have collateral available.A loan for the modernisation of your home. Requires collateral.
Loan periodYou pay off the balance at your own pace (instalment 3% at minimum)1–10 yearsNo more than 20 yearsNo more than 35 years

Building supplies and materials, furniture, appliances etc.

Painting and wallpapering, renovating kitchens or bathrooms, replacing windows or doors etc.

Renovating kitchens or bathrooms, replacing windows or doors, decorating etc.

Upgrading electrical or heating systems, improving underground drains and rainwater harvesting systems etc.

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Annual repairs or modernisation?

Modernisation involves renovation projects which significantly improve the standard of a home or a building. This includes improvements made to the electrical and heating systems or load-bearing structures, for example. Modernisation projects can be financed with a renovation loan for which you can apply below. Select “Renovation” as the purpose of the loan on the form.

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We offer different ways to finance home improvements which are not considered modernisation projects – see more in the table above.