Nordea Gold

Make the most of your chances every day with Nordea Gold. The credit facility allows even larger purchases.

  • Nordea Gold kortti - smallYou can choose a credit limit between 1 500 and 10,000 euros.
  • Nordea Gold card allows you to pay purchases costing less than 50 euros as contactless payment, without having to key in your PIN.
  • The card comes with comprehensive travel insurance and also with Product Safety Insurance.
  • Nordea Gold Mastercard is accepted in Finland and abroad in over 200 countries and 30 million sales outlets.
  • The interest-free payment period for purchases on credit is 30 days on average. You only pay interest on the amount you leave on credit after the due date.

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Nordea Gold brings flexibility and gives you safety also while travelling abroad

Nordea Gold Mastercard includes comprehensive travel insurance for trips abroad as well as emergency cash for unexpected moments like if your card gets lost or stolen. The insurance is valid on leisure trips when no less than 75% of the total travelling and accommodation costs have been paid with the card's credit facility. Nordea Gold also includes Product Safety Insurance which provides excellent additional cover for your card purchases when products that are purchased to be used indoors at your permanent or leisure home are paid in full with a Nordea credit card.

With the contactless payment feature of Nordea Gold card you can pay purchases smaller than 50 euros quickly and easily by holding the card close to the payment terminal. You do not need to insert your card into the payment terminal or key in your PIN. If you are paying with a combination card (Credit/Debit), contactless payments are always charged from your bank account. If your card is a credit card without the debit feature, contactless payments are charged from the credit facility.

You get to choose:

  • When filling in the card application, you can select the due date of the invoice and the amount of installment (minimum installment percentage). You will receive an invoice each month on the credit card transactions and only pay interest on the amount you leave on credit after the due date*. 
  • You can choose PIN for your card.
  • When your card has the debit facility, you can also pay for purchases and withdraw cash directly from your bank account worldwide. 
  • You can include the Plussa feature to your Nordea Gold Mastercard.
  • You can have your own digital photo or a picture from Nordea's photo gallery printed on your card
  • You can link any number of parallel cards to the principal card for your family members. 

* The annual percentage rate of charge calculated on a Nordea Gold credit of 1,500 euros in use is 16.7% (June 2019) for Package Customers. The calculation includes the fee related to account maintenance. The interest on the credit is the 3-month Euribor + 9.5%. No annual or monthly fee is charged on the card included in the customer´s package.  

The account management fee for a balance with credit is EUR 4,50 a month. E-invoice has been used as default invoicing method in the calculation. The actual annual interest of other customer groups is shown under Card terms/Standard European Consumer Credit Information. The minimum credit limit for Nordea Gold is 1 500 euros and the maximum limit is 10,000 euros. The credit is valid until further notice. 

The total amount payable depends on the use of the credit, the size of the agreed instalments and the term of the credit agreement. 

The credit is granted by Nordea Finance Finland Ltd, Aleksis Kiven Katu 9, Helsinki, 00020 NORDEA or Nordea Bank Abp, Satamaradankatu 5, Helsinki, 00020 NORDEA.

Prices before 1.9.2019

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