You can receive your invoices in an electronic format directly in your Netbank. Paying an e-invoice is easy. First you receive the invoice in Netbank. Then all you have to do is check the invoice information and confirm it.

E-invoice is environmentally friendly and inexpensive

You can order e-invoices in Netbank from invoicers that offer the e-invoice. If you like, you can also confirm the payment of an e-invoice with an SMS without having to log on to Netbank.

All invoices you have received are stored in the invoice archive in Netbank for 18 months. They will remain in the archive, organised by the due date, irrespective of whether you have accepted them for payment or not.

Your benefits:

  • You can receive invoices whenever and wherever you like.
  • Thanks to the additional e-invoice services, paying e-invoices is easy especially during trips and holidays.
  • With automatic payment, the e-invoice functions as direct debit.
  • You can save paid invoices on your computer or print them for your book-keeping.

You can pay your invoices automatically

Automatic payment linked to an e-invoice is an order that you give to the bank. Based on your order, the bank will debit incoming e-invoices to your account on the due date. You can select the invoices you want to link to the service by invoicer and by invoicing subject.

An invoice will be debited if the terms and conditions of your order are met. When you link automatic payment to an e-invoice, you can define a maximum amount for the invoices and a validity period for your orders. You can accept the order information by a confirmation code.

How automatic payment works:

  • With automatic payment, the e-invoice functions as direct debit.
  • When the terms and conditions you have set in your order are met, the e-invoice will be paid automatically on the due date.
  • You can see the payment on the list of payments falling due.
  • If the terms and conditions you have set in your order are not met (for example, the amount of the e-invoice is higher than the maximum amount you have set), you must confirm the payment of the e-invoice.

Make sure you do not forget to pay your e-invoices in Netbank

It may not always be possible to go to Netbank as frequently as you are used to. When there is a long gap, you may forget received e-invoices and they will be left unconfirmed.

Now you can register for a service that notifies you of the received e-invoices - and allows you to even confirm them by a text message. Alternatively, you can use the e-invoice alert as a reminder and log in to Netbank to confirm the e-invoice.

The e-invoice alert and confirmation service can also be used together with the automatic payment of e-invoices. If a received e-invoice does not fulfil the criteria you have set for automatic payment (for example, the total sum is too big), the service will notify you of it. If the criteria are fulfilled, no alert will be sent, and the e-invoice will be automatically paid in Netbank.

The service includes three options: 

  • E-invoice alert by text message
  • E-invoice confirmation by text message
  • E-invoice alert via e-mail (you may also use the alert service via e-mail when you use either of the text message options).
  • The e-invoice alert and confirmation service is subject to a fee per message.

Your benefits: 

  • You will be notified of a received e-invoice, regardless of time and place.
  • You can confirm e-invoices by text message, no need to log in to Netbank.
  • Your e-invoices will not be left unpaid.
  • The service complements the automatic payment service.
Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Please read the terms and conditions of the service before making the agreement and starting to use the service.

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