Sustainable saving and investing

When you invest and save sustainably, you can also make a difference in other matters besides your own finances. For instance, if the environment, the human rights or the improvement of working conditions are important values for you, you may want to consider them while choosing your investments.

What do sustainable investment and ESG mean?

The abbreviation ‘ESG’ is often used in connection with sustainability matters and sustainable investments. It stands for environmental, social and governance.

These refer to concerns related to environmental and social responsibilities as well as good governance. In the corporate world, sustainability is reflected in business models, which indicate how companies' products and services support sustainable development. Sustainability is also part of corporate risk management – how companies minimise negative impacts in their own operations.

Sustainable investment means considering the aforementioned ESG factors in investing.

Make a difference with your decisions by investing sustainably

When you make sustainable investments, sustainable companies obtain additional funding and other companies feel increased pressure to change their ways.  When making investment decisions, you should pay attention not only to the financial figures but also to how companies manage ESG:

  • Do they consider the environment in their operations and do they pollute?
  • Do they ensure their employees’ safety and well-being?
  • Do they comply with international agreements?

Sustainable products are competitive

Sustainable investment, too, aims to be profitable. Several studies have indicated that the long-term return on sustainable investments is not any weaker than the return on other investments.

Similarly, sustainable investment is no more expensive than traditional investment.

Make a sustainable choice – choose your alternative from among our most sustainable products

As the largest bank in the Nordic countries, Nordea has gained vast experience in sustainable investment. For instance, the sustainable investment process followed in Nordea funds has been rewarded as the best in Europe many times in recent years.

Sustainable Selection is a product family that contains our most sustainable savings and investment products. They emphasise sustainability but also aim to meet all our other product criteria and requirements related to factors such as risk, return and costs.

Choose the products from our Sustainable Selection that interest you the most:

Forerunners in sustainability

Do you want to invest in companies that outperform their rivals in sustainability?

Nordea Stars Funds

The Stars Funds invest in companies that excel in their sector in terms of both sustainable development and the financial factors.  In these funds, a sustainability analysis is an integral part of the selection criteria of investments. Based on the analysis, the Nordea Stars Funds invest in selected companies that have efficient risk management and take the risks and opportunities related to the environment, human rights, working conditions and business ethics into account in their operations in an excellent manner. 

An active dialogue is conducted with the companies in which investments are made in order to encourage the companies to develop their operations in an increasingly sustainable direction.  

Our selection contains different kinds of Stars Funds, so you will certainly find the one that suits you, whether you are more interested in equity investments or fixed-income investments with lower risks.

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Smaller carbon footprint
All at once

Stars funds

We use sustainability criteria to select companies for our Stars funds, as part of our ambition to deliver stable returns with responsibility in the long term.

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Sustainable balanced funds

Save in funds where sustainability matters. Choose a fund from our new Sustainable Selection that suits you best.

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Nordea and Nasdaq join forces to make the sustainability footprint of investments visible

As the world faces the consequences of climate change, resource depletion and pressing human rights issues, the call for sustainable products, services and companies has never been louder. In a ground-breaking collaboration for increased transparency and footprint analysis, Nordea joins hands with Nasdaq to make the environmental footprint of sustainable investments transparent and easy to grasp.

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ESG and Nordea’s investment process

By combining financial performance with responsibility, we strive to offer clients responsible solutions. We believe that we can add value for our clients by actively considering environmental, social and governance issues (ESG) in our analysis and investment decisions – particularly through our investment research, asset allocation and performance monitoring. 

We recognise that integrating ESG issues forms part of our fiduciary duty to clients and beneficiaries, ensuring that their portfolios are managed in a way that systematically assesses drivers of risk and return over the long term. 

Invest for sustainable future

We use sustainability criteria to select companies for our Stars funds as part of our ambition to deliver stable returns with responsibility in the long term.

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