Do you need digihelp?

These pages are particularly useful to you when you are not yet accustomed to using or not sure how to start using them. We help you get started with digital banking services and show you how you can bank easily and securely.

Banking from home

In the past, you had to pay your bills, transfer cash from your account and do your other banking at a branch in person. Today, you can tend to your banking matters at home in peace and quiet and at your preferred pace without any third party seeing your account information, passwords or other important details.

In fact, many of the services you need every day have become web-based, so you should ensure that you have the required digital skills. Using digital services is safe, as only you know the required codes.

  • You can also use your banking codes for logging in to other digital services, such as My Kanta Pages, Kela’s eServices, MyTax and the online services offered by the Finnish police.
  • With Nordea Mobile and Nordea Netbank, you can do your daily banking whenever it suits you best.
  • As a mobile bank user, you will get the lowest price on our daily banking services.

Read more about the prices of the Mobile Plus packages

Login to the old Netbank has changed - make sure to log in to the new Nordea Netbank next time

The new Nordea Netbank features a new design but has many functions you know. Log in to Nordea Netbank using the Nordea ID app or code calculator. 

You can only log in to the old Netbank using a code card.

Nordea Tablet will make your daily life easier

You can order the tablet by calling Nordea Customer Service at 0200 70 000 (local rates apply). Our adviser will then send you a text message for picking up the tablet from a DNA Store. The banking apps you choose to have will be pre-installed on your tablet at the DNA Store. In exceptional circumstances, someone else may pick up the tablet from a DNA Store on your behalf.

relaxed man in sofa with tablet small overlay


Did you know that you can enlarge the size of any web page on your computer in order to improve readability?

  • You can do this by pressing and holding the Ctrl button and pressing the + button.
  • If you want to reduce the page size, press and hold the Ctrl button and press the - button.
  • To restore the normal size of the page, press and hold the Ctrl button and press the 0 button.

Features such as enlarged text, big icons and display brightness have been programmed on mobile devices in order to make their use easier. You can activate these features in the settings of your device.

Digital terminology


Verifying your identity when logging in to Nordea Mobile or Netbank, calling Nordea Customer Service or logging in to the services of third parties, such as Kela or My Kanta (Omakanta). You need a personal user ID and a PIN for authentication.

User ID 

A series of digits that you must enter first when logging in to Nordea Netbank or Nordea Mobile or when calling Nordea Customer Service. You will also need your user ID when activating the Nordea ID app for the first time. You receive a user ID when you conclude a Netbank agreement with us. The user ID is personal and should not be revealed to anybody else. 

PIN used for authentication

A personal identification number (PIN) is a numeric code that you must enter into the Nordea ID app or the code calculator when logging in to Nordea Mobile, Netbank or third-party services. A PIN is personal and should not be revealed to anybody else.

Nordea ID app

An app used for authentication which can be downloaded from an app store to a smartphone or tablet. 

Nordea ID activation code

A 10-digit number sequence that you need for activating the Nordea ID app for the first time.

Login identifier

A code that enhances security when you log in. The login identifier allows you to verify that you are logging in to the right place. You don’t need to enter this code. You only to need to verify that the login identifiers on the login page and in the Nordea ID app match.

QR code

A two-dimensional barcode shown on the login page. QR codes can be read quickly by mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Elsewhere, a QR code may also be used for other purposes than logging in, for example as a link to a certain website.

Code calculator  

A device used for authentication which can be ordered from Nordea Customer Service.

Nordea Mobile   

An app for secure banking which can be downloaded from an app store to a smartphone or tablet.


A service provided by Nordea on the internet where you can do your banking securely. You log in to Nordea Netbank at the address

Nordea Customer Service

A full-service branch which you can contact by calling 0200 70 000 (local rates apply, service in English). Our advisers can help you with your banking and solve your needs over the phone if you verify your identity at the beginning of the call. The call is charged at normal mobile call or local call rates – Nordea does not charge any extra fees for your call.