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Are you looking for tips and guidance on how to use our digital banking services? We provide a broad range of advice and support through various channels. 

Want to visit our Digital Helpdesk?

At our Digital Helpdesks, you can ask for assistance with using Nordea Mobile and Netbank and your online access codes, digital identification and different payment methods.

Digital Helpdesks are open Tuesday-Thursday from 13:00 to 16:30.

Digital Helpdesks in the Greater Helsinki area:

  • Kamppi (Annanaukio 1)
  • Tikkurila (Asematie 10)
  • Tapiola (Länsituuli 5)

You can also turn to our partners for digital support

A number of organisations and associations offer free-of-charge guidance on the use of computers, tablets and mobile phones across Finland. You can also find plenty of instructions and support material on the websites of our partners. 

SeniorSurf provides remote support for learning to use a digital device or service or solving a digital problem, and encourages and advises older people with buying new digital devices or using digital services. The remote support service is free of charge and provided over the telephone or a remote connection using the necessary software. The support service is available every day between 8.00 and 20.00.

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Our other cooperation partners include 

Enter ryOpens new window, Valli ryOpens new window, Savonetti ryOpens new window, Mukanetti ry,Opens new windowJoen severi ryOpens new window and Turun kansalliset seniorit ryOpens new window.

Nordea Tablet will make your daily life easier

If you are a Nordea customer aged 60 or more and do not yet have a smart device, we offer you the possibility to buy a Nordea Tablet for your personal use.

You can order the tablet by calling Nordea Customer Service at 0200 70 000 (local rates apply). Our adviser will then send you a text message for picking up the tablet from a DNA Store. The banking apps you choose to have will be pre-installed on your tablet at the DNA Store. In exceptional circumstances, someone else may pick up the tablet from a DNA Store on your behalf.

Banking from home

In the past, you had to pay your bills, transfer cash from your account and do your other banking at a branch in person. Today, you can tend to your banking matters at home in peace and quiet and at your preferred pace without any third party seeing your account information, passwords or other important details.

In fact, many of the services you need every day have become web-based, so you should ensure that you have the required digital skills. Using digital services is safe, as only you know the required codes.

  • You can also use your banking codes for logging in to other digital services, such as My Kanta Pages, Kela’s eServices, MyTax and the online services offered by the Finnish police.
  • With Nordea Mobile and Nordea Netbank, you can do your daily banking whenever it suits you best.
  • As a mobile bank user, you will get the lowest price on our daily banking services.

Read more about the prices of the Mobile Plus packages

Nordea access codes

Nordea access codes consist of a user ID and a means of identification. When you have these, you can access Nordea Mobile and Netbank, verify your identity when you call our Customer Service and sign agreements digitally. 

If you want to use your access codes to log in to other online services, you will also need to opt for e-identification, which is a form of strong electronic authentication. 

You can activate the e-identification service by verifying your identity in branch.

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Read more about e-identification

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Nordea Netbank

Nordea Netbank enables you to do all your banking conveniently from wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection. 

To use Netbank, you need an online banking agreement with us, Nordea access codes, a means of identification and an internet connection.

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Nordea ID device and Code calculator

The Nordea ID device (black) is a means of identification for those of our customers who don’t have a smartphone or tablet on which they could install the Nordea ID app. 

If you’re using the code calculator (white), you don’t need to do anything. You can continue to use it as before. 

You can also choose a talking code calculator that has been specially designed for our visually impaired customers. 

Using these devices requires a Netbank agreement, as it comes with Nordea access codes. 

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Digital terminology

Login identifier
User ID
Nordea ID device
Nordea ID app
Nordea ID activation code
QR code
Code calculator

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