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What is investment advice?
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Book a meeting in Netbank

At an online meeting with one of our experts, you can discuss savings and investments in the comfort of your home if you so prefer. All you need is a phone, a computer or tablet and Nordea access codes.

1. Book an online meeting

  • You can book an online meeting in Nordea Mobile or Netbank under Help by selecting ‘Book meetingOpens new window'
  • You will receive a confirmation message about the online meeting in your phone and in Nordea Netbank.

2. Prepare for the online meeting

  • Log in to Nordea Mobile or Netbank and read the meeting invitation and agenda.

3. At the start of the meeting

  • Log in to Nordea Mobile or Netbank before the meeting starts and have your phone and access codes at hand.
  • We’ll call you at the start of the meeting.

4. Join the online meeting

  • Join the meeting by clicking the meeting link.
  • Enter your name and join the meeting. The adviser will ask you to identify yourself before the meeting begins.
  • You will be shown related material and calculations on your computer screen, while you are discussing your banking on the phone.

What is investment advice and how does it work?

We want to help you find the right solutions to reach your investment goals in a way that best suits you.

  • In our investment meeting, we’ll prepare a tailored investment plan or proposal for you.
  • We always offer investment advice free of charge and with no obligations.
  • If you want to discuss other matters besides saving and investment, please contact Nordea Customer Service.

How our advice works

  1. If you don’t have savings or investments with Nordea yet, please accept the Investment service agreement* in NetbankOpens new window. Without the agreement, we can’t give you investment advice. The agreement is offered to you free of charge, and it doesn’t oblige you to buy any investment services from us.
  2. After sending the contact request we'll call you from the number 0200 3000, all calls will be recorded. In some cases, you’ll be able to talk to one of our investment experts directly over the phone, or we’ll set up an online meeting with you for a later date.
  3. During the meeting (30–60 minutes) we’ll have a detailed discussion about the things that matter to you the most and spend time getting to know your current financial situation, personal circumstances and investment and savings goals. Once we’ve understood your situation and needs, we’ll prepare a personalised investment plan or proposal for you.
  4. During the meeting we’ll also confirm that your investment knowledge, understanding and experience match the recommendation. This way, we can ensure we have selected the right products to help you build the financial future you want.
  5. Once we have found the best solution for you, we’ll make all the arrangements and prepare the agreements, making it easy for you to start saving.

*What is the investment service agreement?

  • It is a free-of-charge agreement that doesn’t oblige you to buy any investment services from Nordea. It covers your rights and obligations as the customer and our rights and obligations as the investment service provider. 
  • We will classify you as a retail client, meaning that you are a non-professional investor covered by the highest level of investor protection.
  • We execute the orders of all non-professional investors with care; read more at new window.