Saving for your children

You should start putting money aside for your child as early as possible. Saving even a small amount regularly builds up a nest egg for your child’s future.

Säästäminen lapselle

Lapsen säästöt voivat nousta arvoon arvaamattomaan esimerkiksi ajokorttia hankittaessa, opintojen ja mahdollisen vaihto-oppilasvuoden aikana tai rahoitettaessa ensimmäistä omaa kotia.

Säästäminen on helppoa, kun sovit rahan siirtymisestä säästöön automaattisesti. Siten esimerkiksi rahastosäästäminen lapselle onnistuu vaivattomasti, kun huoltajan valitsema summa siirtyy rahastoon esimerkiksi kuukausittain palkkapäivänä.

Start saving in time

Saving is a part of teaching your child good money habits and enables them to make their dreams come true. By putting money aside for your child as early as possible you create financial stability and security for your child. Your savings will often come in handy when it is time for your child to get a driving licence, study abroad or buy their first home, for example.

The best time to start saving is now. Putting away even a small amount regularly builds up a nice nest egg for your child’s future. How often and how much you want to save is completely up to you.

Options for saving for your child

We offer various investment alternatives and investment services for you to choose from.

Monthly saving in funds is a popular way to save money, as it does not require big income or initial capital. Saving small amounts instead of making a larger one-time investment allows you to diversify your savings over a longer period of time and reduce the risk related to your investment. You can also take out the money saved in funds, if needed.

Other easy options for saving for your child are opening a savings account or purchasing shares directly. We recommend discussing these options with our adviser who can help you choose the right solution for you. Any loved ones, such as the parents, grandparents or godparents of your child, can participate in building up savings for your child’s future. If you want to start saving in funds, please contact Nordea Customer Service.

If you want to open a PerkAccount for your savings, you can do this in the “Open services online for a child” service on our website. If you wish to discuss investing in shares and other alternatives, Nordea Customer Service is happy to tell you more. 


Savings services for your child

Saving in funds is a popular way to save money for your child.

PerkAccount is a savings account designed for regular saving..

If you invest in shares , you get to choose which company’s shares you want to buy.

The equity savings account will be available soon.

Try our regular savings calculator to see how the amount, expected return percentage and investment horizon affect the performance of your savings.

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