Before the meeting

1. Does your child already have banking services from us?

If your child does not yet have an account with us, please open one before the meeting. Without the account we can’t set up any additional saving and investment services during the meeting. Set up banking services for your child

If you can’t open the services through our digital channels, please call Nordea Customer Service.

2. Will all the child’s guardians be present at the meeting?

If your child has more than one guardian and all guardians are not present at the meeting, we will need a power of attorney from the absent guardian. Download our power of attorney template 

The authorising person (the guardian who authorises the other guardian to open banking services for their child) can send the power of attorney to us attached to a message in Nordea Mobile or Netbank.

If they don’t have Nordea access codes, they can send the power of attorney through Nordea Omaposti. Go to Nordea Omaposti

The power of attorney can’t be delivered to us on paper at the meeting, and the other guardian can’t deliver the power of attorney on behalf of the authorising guardian.

3. Book the meeting

Once your child has been set up with our services and all guardians will either be present at the meeting or have sent a power of attorney to us, you are ready for the meeting. No other preparations are needed – our expert will help you and your child get started.

The easiest way to book a meeting is to do it in Nordea Netbank (requires login). If you want to book a meeting but are not our customer, fill in our contact form.

Do you want us to contact you?

If you’re not our customer yet but want to set up our saving and investment services for your child, fill in our contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.