Start saving for your child

You should start putting money aside for your child as early as possible. By starting to save regularly today, small sums will add up to a large nest egg with time, providing your child with stability and security later in life.

The best time to start saving for your child is now

One of our experts will help you draw up a savings plan that will suit your child’s needs. Submit a contact request, and we will call you. Everything will be agreed over the phone and you won't need to leave the comfort of your home.

Guardian’s details

Setting up banking services for children requires both guardians’ consent

The guardians manage their child’s banking together. If both guardians cannot be present at the same time, the absent guardian will need to authorise the other guardian by a power of attorney specifying that the other guardian is authorised to act alone on behalf of the child. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Download here: Power of attorney for tending to the banking matters of a minor (pdf, 169 KB)Opens new window.
  2. The authorising guardian fills in the power of attorney digitally and sends it to us via Nordea's OmapostiOpens new window service or as a customer message in Nordea Netbank. 

The power of attorney cannot be delivered on paper to a Nordea branch.

Child’s details

Additional children's details

Savings amount

You can start saving for your child with as little as 10 euros per month. 

Please check that the details you filled in are correct before sending the form to us. We will call you to draw up a savings plan for your child and select the products that best suit them.