Kontaktløs betaling

Mobile payments

Keep your card with you wherever you go. If you activate your card in the Apple Pay or Google Pay app, you can pay your purchases by holding your phone near the payment terminal. By downloading Siirto, you can also transfer money from one account to another in an instant.

Handle all your payments with your phone

Read more below and enter the modern era of payments. It only takes a few minutes of your time. Mobile payments are quick, easy and secure.

  • As fast as a contactless payment, as handy as a mobile phone.
  • A touch in a store, a click online – a minute to start using.
  • Your card’s data is secured within your phone.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay enables you to easily make payments in stores with your iPhone. You can also use it for purchases in apps and online.

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Google Pay

Google Pay is a quick and simple way to pay in stores and online. All you need to do is unlock your phone and hold it near the payment terminal. You won’t need to open any apps!

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Make a transfer from one account to another in seconds. You just have to know the phone number of the other Siirto user. With the Siirto app, you can easily make payments anywhere.

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Your card goes where your phone goes

At a café or a kiosk, on a run or a holiday. Pay your purchases securely by holding your phone close to the payment terminal or in an online store with a couple of clicks. You can pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay in millions of stores worldwide. Read more about how to turn your phone into a payment instrument in minutes.