Did you know that besides banking services Nordea also offers extensive insurance cover designed to protect you, your family and your possessions? Learn more about Nordea MyLife personal insurance and If’s general insurance policies.

Our most popular insurance

Critical illness cover

Secure your income when life changes dramatically and you have to focus on getting well. The cover indemnifies eight illnesses or medical treatment measures. You can use the one-off indemnity the way you prefer for anything that is important for you.

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Life insurance, i.e. death cover

Your life insurance policy will protect your family’s income should you pass away. Taking out a life insurance policy is therefore especially important if you have a spouse and/or children. The indemnity may help, for example, in loan repayments or in the payment of daily expenses or inheritance tax. Now you’ll get an extra benefit: a 25% increase to the amount of death cover!

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Permanent disability cover

Permanent disability cover will help you financially if you lose your ability to work permanently due to illness or accident. Having to leave working life may mean that your income level falls permanently to even half of what it used to be.

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Unemployment and sick pay insurance

If you are left without work or become temporarily disabled, the resulting loss of income may have a considerable effect on your loan repayment ability. An insurance policy in case of unemployment and sick leave, which will be linked to your loan, will help you in such a dire situation.

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Home Insurance

If Home Insurance helps handle surprising situation in everyday life at home and at the cottage.

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Travel Insurance

If Travel Insurance provides affordable and flexible security in new environments and variable situations.

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