Use a credit card to book your trip
Make sure you have enough credit
Remember to check the geographical restrictions and security limits on your card
Download our mobile banking app
Set up mobile payments
Use and store your card correctly
Don’t forget cash

If you lose your card when travelling

If your card is lost or stolen or your card information is obtained by criminals:

  1. Block your card temporarily or permanently in Nordea Netbank or Nordea Mobile. You can also block your card by calling our card blocking service on +358 20 333Opens new window.
  2. If your card has been used fraudulently: Raise a transaction dispute and you might be able to get your money back.

Ordering a new card abroad

If you have lost your card and need to replace it during your trip, you can apply for a new card in Nordea Mobile or Netbank.

You’ll first receive a digital card in Nordea Mobile, which you can use while you wait for your physical card to arrive to your home address. From Nordea Mobile, you can easily add your card to a payment app on your phone and start making mobile payments

If something goes wrong when you’re travelling

Nordea Gold provides you with comprehensive travel insurance for trips abroad when you pay at least 75% of your total travel and accommodation costs with the credit facility of your card.

International travel insurance is also included in our Nordea Premium, Finnair Plus Mastercard, Nordea Platinum and Nordea Black cards.

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