Tips on using your card abroad

When you are about to go on a holiday, you should check a few practical matters, such as the geographical restrictions and security limits set on your card. In addition, we recommend you download the mobile bank app to be able to check your account transactions during your holiday. Read the tips on using your card abroad so that you are able to spend a carefree holiday.

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Are you going to travel abroad?

Once your travel insurance is in order and your passport and toothbrush are packed, take some time to read through these tips. With their help, you can make payments without problems during your trip and avoid tricky situations.

1. Use and store your card correctly

  • When you are travelling, we recommend taking two cards with you. Keep one of the cards extra safe, in a safety box at your hotel, for example, so you may use it as a back-up, if necessary.
  • When you pay with your card at a restaurant, for instance, or withdraw cash from an ATM, always check the amount before accepting the payment.
  • If you activate mobile payments before travelling, you will be able to pay for your purchases conveniently and securely with your phone, too.

2. Do you have enough credit?

  • Before heading for a holiday, remember to check the credit limit on your card and how much credit you have left. This way you will not run out of credit in the middle of your holiday and you will have enough of it to handle unexpected situations. You can raise your credit limit and make other changes yourself in Netbank under Cards -> Changes to credit card. 

  • It is typical to spend more money on a holiday, so you can change your repayment percentage to a minimum of 3%. This enables you to spread the credit repayment more evenly over several months.

3. Geographical restrictions and security limits

  • In addition, make sure your security limits are set to a level that fits your needs, taking into account any notable upcoming withdrawals or purchases. However, look up country-specific ATM withdrawal limits. 
  • Remember to also check the geographical restrictions on your card from your mobile bank. You can define the area in which your card can be used to make payments and withdrawals. If you are not planning to leave the country this summer, restrict your card usage to Finland only.
  • If you are not going to make any online purchases during your trip, disable online payments on your card for the duration of your trip. In mobile bank, you can easily make changes to the features on your card also during your travels. Tap the picture of the card and select the settings.

4. What to do when your card is lost or something goes wrong?

  • If something bad happens and your card is lost or stolen or its data gets copied, block the card immediately after noticing the possible misuse by calling +358 20 333. 
  • Proceed with a card complaint to get your lost money back.
  • Nordea Gold card comes with an extensive overseas travel insurance policy which is valid when you have paid at least 75% of the total travel and accommodation costs with your card’s credit facility.

5. Use the emergency cash service

  • Nordea offers an emergency cash service to Nordea Gold and Premium cards if the card is lost, stolen or otherwise unusable.
  • If you need more information or help regarding the emergency cash service, please call NETS Help LineOpens new window at +358 9 696 4696 (24h).

6. Mobile bank in your pocket also abroad

  • Before travelling, make sure that Nordea Codes app and Nordea Mobile are activated on your phone or tablet. Make sure that you have the code app at least on two mobile devices. 

  • If your mobile device is lost, you can block it by logging in to Netbank and disabling the lost device under Edit Netbank -> Access codes.

  • During your trip, you can check your account transactions and temporarily or permanently block your card in mobile bank.

  • And you can easily pay your bills on the go if you are using the e-invoice service.

7. What if the taxi driver requires cash payment?

  • Take also a small amount of cash with you when travelling. You should have enough cash to pay for a taxi from the airport to your hotel.
  • You can securely withdraw cash with your card also abroad. Choose an ATM that is connected to a well-known bank. You can search for the closest ATM that is part of the Mastercard network with the ATM LocatorOpens new window.
  • If you want to check the international cash withdrawal prices, go to the “Prices” tab on your card’s web pages.

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