Customer survey

We would like to hear your opinion

We have a continuous wish to improve Nordea and that requires good insights about how customers and potential customers perceive our services. 

To ensure we get the right input you can experience to be contacted and asked to participate in research. If you are contacted we hope you will participate but you are of course never obliged to do so. 

If you receive an invitation for a survey you can be sure that:

  • We will never ask for confidential information like credit card information, account numbers, passwords or anything like this
  • We will never send you a link to software that requires to be installed at your computer.

You will typically be contacted by phone, message in the netbank or e-mail.

On research e-mails:

About text messages (SMS):

Text messages may be sent by us. If so, Nordea will appear as the sender, stating that the survey is conducted by Ennova. 

Links in enquiries from Nordea

The following domains may appear in links sent to you by Nordea and are necessary for collaboration with our trusted partners:


Our anonymity policy:

If you receive a survey from Nordea or one of our vendors, the survey can be un-anonymous. This meansIf you have participated in a survey as an un-anonymous respondent this gives Nordea Bank Finland:

  • The possibility to contact you directly (either by phone or in written form) in connection to your participation in the survey.
  • The possibility to use your answers in analysis where your answers can be united with other types of data, e.g. data about the length of your relationship with Nordea. We will never report the results from such analysis on a personal level, only on an aggregated anonymized level. We will neither ever use the knowledge of your answers for marketing purposes.

If you would like to revoke your consent for no-anonymity:

If you regret that you have participated in an un-anonymous survey, you can revoke the anonymity consent by contacting Nordea and tell that you would like your previous answers in surveys to be anonymized. You can contact us at moc.aedron@thgisni 

Information about processing of personal data

Nordea Bank Abp, org nr 516406-0120 is the controller of personal data processed in surveys that Nordea has requested. Ennova A/S or other research companies can, within the limits of the current confidentiality regulations, act as processors on behalf of Nordea Bank.

If you want to receive information regarding what personal data concerning you is processed by the bank, you may request this in writing from 

Nordea Bank Abp
2970 Asiakaspalvelun tuki
Henkilötietolain mukainen tarkistuspyyntö
Aleksis Kiven katu 3-5, VC443
00020 Nordea

No personal data collected through surveys will be kept in a non-anonymized form for more than three years. After this all answers in surveys are fully anonymized.

You can read more about Nordea’s general policy for handling personal data.