Customer survey

We would like to hear your opinion

At Nordea, we constantly strive to strengthen our relationship with customers and improve customer experience. This requires good insight into how customers and potential customers perceive our products and services, which we believe is best achieved by asking our customers directly.

It is therefore possible that you will be contacted by Nordea after being in direct contact with us or after being selected to participate in research. If you are contacted, then we of course hope you will participate but you are under no obligation to do so. 

Survey types

There are several types of survey conducted in Nordea, these are typically:

  • Quarterly satisfaction survey sent by email, which aims to continuously measure our customers’ satisfaction and view of Nordea
  • After call and meeting feedback, sent either by SMS or email. This means that when a meeting or phone call ends, you can be selected to receive a survey invite via email or SMS from a trusted partner. In it you will be asked 2-6 questions which you can answer by clicking the link in the email or in the same way as when you reply to a regular SMS
  • Ad-hoc research surveys on various topics of interest, such as investment preferences, preferred ways of contact etc. typically sent by email
  • Online surveys directly on Nordea’s websites, typically after completing an application process


How do you know that the invitation comes from us or a trusted partner:

  • You will typically be contacted either by phone (automated call-back or SMS), a message in your Netbank or e-mail – please note that this could come from a Nordea trusted partner
  • Invitations by SMS will come from a local telephone number and you will be charged the normal SMS rate agreed with your network/phone company when participating

Please be aware of the authenticity of the survey- it is not us or a trusted partner, that contact you, if you are asked any of the following:

  • We will never ask for confidential information like credit card information, account number, password or likewise and you should never provide us this via your participation.
  • We will never send you a link to software that requires installation on your computer or mobile device.

Data management

  • To be able to perform the surveys we will share your email address and/or phone number with the trusted partner performing the survey on behalf of Nordea.
  • Your email address and/or phone number and response are stored with the trusted partner in encrypted format until the partnership ends or for a maximum of three years
  • Once Nordea picks up the response from the trusted partner, we decrypt it and use it for analysis and internal training 
  • Your response will be stored at Nordea for a maximum of three years or as long as there is a valid business reason for storing it

When you answer questionaires or participate in surveys:

When responding to surveys or participating in research with either Nordea or one of our trusted partners, your responses will in most cases not be anonymous. This non-anonymity enables Nordea to:

  • Use your responses for analysis where they can be connected to other types of data, e.g. data around the length of your engagement with Nordea
  • Enable Nordea to better understand our customers’ needs and requirements, which we will use to train our advisors and develop our products and services
  • Contact you directly (either by phone or in writing) in connection with your participation in the survey

We will never report the results from such analysis on a personal level, only on an aggregated anonymized level. Neither will we ever use the knowledge obtained from your answers for marketing purposes. No personal data collected through surveys will be kept in a non-anonymized form for more than three years. After this period, all answers in surveys will be fully anonymized.

If you would like to revoke your consent for non-anonymity:

If you regret that you have participated as a non-anonymous respondent, then you can revoke the anonymity consent by contacting Nordea Contact Centre and saying that you would like your previous answers in surveys to be anonymized.

Information about processing of personal data:

Nordea Bank Abp, org nr 516406-0120 is the controller of personal data processed in surveys that Nordea has requested. Netigate or other research companies can, within the limits of the current confidentiality regulations, act as processors on behalf of Nordea Bank.

You can read more about Nordea’s data privacy policy here.Opens new window

If you want to know more about your personal data and how it is processed by the bank, you may request this in writing from

Nordea Bank Abp 

2970 APS Customer Support 

Aleksis Kiven katu 3-5, VC443 

00020 Nordea