Consumer credit for everyday purchases

Dreaming of a new car, a boat, new furniture or a holiday trip? You can apply for consumer credit for both small and bigger everyday purchases. FlexiCredit enables you to realise your dream holiday or to refurbish your home.

Car loan

If you have been stricken with car fever, apply for FlexiCredit that suits your needs and go to the car dealer!

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Boat loan

Head for FlexiCredit if you are buying a new boat or trading it for a better one.

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Renovation loan

Does your shop need a facelift or your home an upgrade? You can start by applying for FlexiCredit that suits your needs.

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Travel loan

The world is full of new experiences to bring home. When you want to travel, apply for a suitable FlexiCredit.

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Garden loan

When the barbecue season is approaching, you need more colour to your garden or your lawnmower stops working, FlexiCredit is there to help you.

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Home decoration loan

If you want to have a slim TV or a more dainty sofa, upgrade your home with FlexiCredit.

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Secured consumer credit

If you have available collateral, a secured consumer credit is an affordable alternative for larger purchases. You can use your home, holiday home or other assets as security.

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Holiday home loan

Dreaming of a relaxing summer holiday in peace and quiet? Only the holiday home is missing. Apply for a loan that will suit your needs and buy a holiday home you like.

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