Need a new consumer loan or want to transfer your current debts to Nordea?

If you need a new consumer loan, you can choose either unsecured consumer credit or a secured bank loan. You can also transfer your consumer credit from other financing companies to Nordea with our easy-to-use debt consolidation service!

Unsecured FlexiCredit

FlexiCredit is an unsecured loan for different needs. Before sending us the credit application, we will show you the itemised costs based on the details you have filled in.

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Secured consumer credit

If you have assets to provide as security, secured consumer credit is an affordable alternative for purchases of more than 15,000 euros. You can use your home, holiday home or other assets as security.

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Save by transferring your debt to Nordea

Transfer your debt

Nordea’s debt consolidation service is an easy way of collecting all of your credit and instalment debt from other providers under one loan with your own bank.

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Why take out consumer credit from Nordea?

  • Nordea’s consumer credit can be adjusted flexibly to your personal circumstances. You can easily make changes to your FlexiCredit monthly payment, due date and instalment-free months in Nordea Mobile. 
  • As a Nordea customer, you can apply for consumer credit online. Filling in the application is easy. You will, in most cases, get the credit decision instantly or within three banking days. If we need additional information for your application, we will contact you.
  • We offer unsecured FlexiCredit at a competitive interest rate and with transparent pricing.
  • Our FlexiCredit calculator is a convenient tool for planning the amount and repayment schedule of your consumer credit.
  • We offer many flexible features for consumer credit. Read more about how consumer credit can be adjusted when your finances are stretched.
  • Do you have consumer credit and hire purchase agreements with other banks? Try our debt consolidation loan calculator to see if it would pay off to consolidate your loans with Nordea.

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Unsecured consumer credit

Thinking of buying a new car or moving? There are many reasons to apply for unsecured consumer credit. From Nordea you can get consumer credit that suits your needs.

Buying a car

If you’re planning to buy a car, apply for an unsecured car loan that suits your particular needs.

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Renovation loan

Does your shop need a facelift or your home an upgrade? You can start by applying for FlexiCredit that suits your needs.

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Boat loan

Head for FlexiCredit if you are buying a new boat or trading it for a better one.

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Buying a holiday home

Would you like to spend your holiday in the peace and quiet of your own summer cottage? Apply for a loan that suits your needs and make your holiday home dream come true.

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If you are planning to get a motorcycle, our motorcycle loan could be just what you need to make your dream come true.

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