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Holiday home loan

Considering to buy a holiday home or summer cottage? Nordea’s holiday home loan enables you to buy a holiday home by a lake or a log cabin in the midst of a forest, whichever you prefer.

A flexible loan for your holiday home

For Finns, a summer cottage is often a second home where they can retreat from the hubbub of the city. We will tailor a holiday home loan to your personal needs, which will enable you to fulfil your dream of a summer cottage. You can easily apply for a loan online.

We will tailor a holiday home loan suited to your needs.

  • An inexpensive loan on flexible terms
  • Option for instalment-free months
  • You can get a loan decision even within an hour

Get a loan promise in advance!

With a loan promise you can make a bid as soon as you find a holiday home you like.

Muut rahoitusvaihtoehdot

Mikäli kesämökkisi kaipaa remonttia tai haluat tehdä vapaa-ajan asunnollesi muita pienempiä hankintoja, voit valita rahoitusvaihtoehdoksi myös korttiluoton tai Nordean vakuudettoman Joustoluoton.

Need for a smaller loan?

When you are redecorating your home on a small scale or making small purchases for your home, a credit card is a worthy solution. You can use your credit card for everyday purchases in Finland, abroad and online. In addition, a credit card gives flexibility for your monthly expenses.

From Nordea's selection you can find a card for all situations in life.  

You can add the debit facility to nearly all credit cards.

Read about Product Safety Insurance, which provides additional cover for the products you purchase for your home or holiday home.

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Need for a loan from 2,000 to 50,000 euros

FlexiCredit is unsecured one-off credit, which can be increased later, if needed. The credit amount can vary from 2,000 euros up to 50,000 euros, so it suits both small and larger purchases.

  • The repayment schedule is flexible and the loan period can be adjusted to your payment capacity.
  • You will repay the credit monthly in equal payments.
  • There is an option for two instalment-free months per year.

Read more about FlexiCredit

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Kun olet lähettänyt lainahakemuksen, otamme sinuun puhelimitse yhteyttä viimeistään seuraavana arkipäivänä ja sovimme tapaamisesta.

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Loan without a need for any security.

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HomeFlex will free up your home equity so that you can realise your dreams

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