Critical illness cover protects your financial well-being

  • Our critical illness cover gives you insurance against cancer as well as seven other illnesses or medical treatments: MS disease, heart failure, acute angioplasty, coronary artery bypass, stroke, renal insufficiency and major organ transplant.
  • You can choose the benefit amount from between 10,000 and 300,000 euros. Our calculator will help you decide on the amount that suits you the best.
  • We will pay the tax-exempt benefit to you right after you have been diagnosed or treated. 
  • You can use the benefit for anything you find important, such as quick access to treatment, daily expenses or something that will help you cope with your illness. 
  • A special benefit only available from Nordea: you can raise your compensation amount by 15–25% with physical exercise.

Nordea MyLife wins Kuluttaja magazine’s test

Kuluttaja testivoitto

Nordea MyLife emerged as the winner of Kuluttaja magazine’s test in which different loan protection insurance policies were compared in September 2022. The magazine examined the terms and conditions and prices of various loan protection insurance policies offered by Finnish banks. The products were divided into non-comprehensive and comprehensive insurance policies that were scored separately. Nordea MyLife won both categories and was praised for its affordable pricing and flexible terms and conditions.

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Nordea MyLife personal insurance can be tailored to your needs. It’s available as loan protection insurance or without the loan connection.

What does critical illness cover cost?

The price is always customer-specific and based on your age, the amount of cover and whether you use tobacco products. 

As a Nordea customer, you can get a discount on your insurance policy. If you have a home loan with us, you are automatically entitled to a 15% discount on your insurance policies. If you are our Premium or Private Banking Customer, you are always entitled to a 20% discount.

Try our insurance calculator to work out your price. Finding out your price does not commit you to taking out an insurance policy from us.

Insurance indemnity
Price and benefits of insurance
Free additional benefit for your insurance
The issuer of MyLife insurance and product material (only in Finnish)

What does the insurance indemnify and when is an indemnity paid?

  • An indemnity is paid for eight different illnesses or medical treatments: cancer, MS disease, heart failure, acute angioplasty, coronary artery bypass, stroke, renal insufficiency and major organ transplant. 
  • We will pay the tax-exempt indemnity to you soon after the required diagnosis or treatment measure has been made. Up to 90% of claims will be paid out within 5 days of us receiving the completed claim form and the required appendices.
  • You can use the insurance indemnity in any way you like – on anything you find important during your convalescence. 
  • You can choose whatever amount of indemnity that best suits your needs. If you buy the insurance online, you can choose an indemnity between 10 000 and 300 000 euros. It is possible to change the indemnity, for example, if your circumstances change.

Price and benefits of insurance

The price of the insurance policy is determined individually and it depends on your age and the indemnity you have chosen. The use of tobacco products affects the insurance premium. 

As a Nordea customer, you can get a discount on your insurance policy. If you have a home loan from us, we offer you a 15% discount on new MyLife insurance policies. If you are our Premium Customer or Private Banking customer, your discount is 20%.

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Raise your insurance cover by 15–25% with physical exercise

Nordea personal insurance is the only insurance in Finland that rewards you for being physically active – you take exercise and we reward you with a better insurance cover.

  • Half an hour of brisk physical exercise a day will raise your insurance cover by 15%. 
  • One hour of brisk physical exercise a day will bring you a 25% raise to your insurance cover.

This free-of-charge benefit is included in your MyLife insurance policy. Read more about the well-being benefit.

The issuer of MyLife insurance and product material (only in Finnish)

Nordea MyLife insurance as well as all product material and customer service related to Nordea MyLife is offered only in Finnish or Swedish. The contractual language used is either Finnish or Swedish, and the purpose of the information provided on this website is only to give a general overview of Nordea MyLife.  

Terms, product description and additional information (in Finnish)

Nordea MyLife well-being benefit

Critical illness cover is issued by Nordea Insurance Finland Ltd (Business ID 2868440-8) either through its agent Nordea Bank Abp or its own sales channel. The detailed indemnification criteria and indemnification restrictions related to the different kinds of cover are stated in the insurance terms and conditions and in the product description specifying their meaning. The general limitations on indemnity are laid down in the Finnish Insurance Contracts Act. The operations of Nordea Insurance Finland Ltd are supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, The well-being benefit is provided in co-operation with Benify Ab.

See how insurance helped Niina when she was diagnosed with a critical illness (in Finnish)

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A critical illness is a threat to your financial well-being

  • Every fifth working-age Finn falls ill with cancer, heart failure, coronary artery disease or stroke.
  • A long sick leave may cut your earnings by as much as half, so you may struggle to cope with your loan repayments and other daily expenses. Your earnings will take an even bigger hit if you have to stop working altogether as a result of your illness.
  • 9 weekdays – this is the period your employer is liable to pay salary to you during a sick leave in addition to the day on which you fell ill. After this, your income will be based on Kela’s sickness allowance unless otherwise stated in your employment contract. 
  • It’s not only middle-aged and older people who are affected by critical illnesses. If you are young and healthy and just starting out your career or don’t have a regular income yet, an insurance policy can help protect you financially if you fall critically ill.  

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