Funds – choose a fund that suits you

Funds are a suitable option for both savers and investors. Funds are an easy way to diversify your investments and you can get started even with a small sum. You can make a subscription for funds in Netbank.

What is a fund?

A fund usually refers to a savings and investment product that consists of securities and/or fixed income investments.

By investing in a fund, you receive a fund unit that, in the same way as a share, entitles you to a proportion of the fund’s returns. A fund’s returns are based on the returns on the investments it includes. The returns on investments can be dividends, interest and value increases and decreases of the investments.

Miten aloittaa rahastosäästäminen?

  • Digitaalinen sijoitusneuvojamme Nora on sinua varten, jos haluat aloittaa rahastosäästämisen helposti ja haluat apua rahastojen ja sopivan riskiprofiilin valintaan. 
  • Rahastovalitsin sopii sinulle, joka tiedät oman sijoitusprofiilisi. Rahastovalitsin rakentaa sen perusteella sinulle hajautetun rahastosalkun. 
  • Voit myös valita itse mihin rahastoihin sijoitat - voit ostaa rahastoja tai tehdä rahastosäästösopimuksen verkkopankissa.

Suosittuja rahastoja:

Funds for savers

Funds for savers are the right choice for you if you feel that following the markets and investments is too time-consuming or laborious.

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Stars Funds

The Stars empower investors to make a difference by investing in responsible companies

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Climate and environment fund

Investment fund for you who wish to invest in sustainable development and less carbon intensive climate solutions.

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Fund savings agreement

When you save into a fund regularly and consistently, even small sums could turn into considerable wealth over time.

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Funds Now

Find all the relevant information about our funds

What types of funds are there?

Funds can be divided into three categories based on their investments.

Fixed income funds

Funds investing in fixed income products, ie fixed income funds, are an alternative to direct fixed income investments, such as bonds. The investor will gain several investments with even a small sum, which will increase the expected return of the investments due to diversification.

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Equity funds

Equity funds invest mainly in equities and are most suitable as a long-term investment in place of or alongside direct investments in equities. The funds spread their assets over several investments, which minimises risks

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Balanced funds

Balanced funds invest in both equities and fixed income investments. Funds are suitable for investors who want professionals to manage their investments according to the market situation.

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Whom are funds suitable for?

Funds are a suitable option for both savers and investors because funds are an excellent way to save and to diversify your investments. The so called active funds are managed by Nordea’s professionals so you do not have to monitor the markets or companies as closely as for example in direct equity investments.  

When choosing a fund, it is good to remember that expected return and risk go hand in hand. Low-risk funds have lower expected returns than high-risk funds. 

When inventing in an index fund, you need to be a bit more proactive than with active fund investments. In an active fund a Portfolio Manager will monitor the markets actively and make decisions to buy and sell based on that, but if you invest in a passive index fund, you have to do those decisions yourself.

Find the funds that suits your savings period and risk level

From Nordea’s fund selection you can choose a fund that best suits your savings period and risk level. The funds for savers that have the lowest risks are fixed income funds that will only invest in the fixed income markets. Balanced funds are funds that invest in both fixed income and equity markets. The more a balanced fund invests in equities, the higher its risk level gets. 

The balanced funds with the lowest risks will invest only a small proportion in the equity markets. Nordea has a wide selection of balanced funds with different risk levels. The funds that invest only in equities, ie equity funds, have the highest expected returns but also the highest risks.

If you want to read more about individual funds, visit the Funds Now service.

Nordea Funds Ltd

Nordea Funds Ltd is an innovative manager of high quality funds that creates value to its customers.

Fund fees

A subscription fee is charged on a subscription (purchase) of fund units and a redemption fee on a redemption (sale) of fund units. You can subscribe for fund units for a reduced fee via Netbank. 

Each fund pays the fund management company a management fee, which covers such fund management costs as value calculation, accounting and reporting. 

The amount of the management fee is given as an annual fee. The management fee is deducted in the calculation of the daily net asset value per fund unit, and is thus not charged separately. The fee includes a custody fee for fund units. 

You can view the fees for each fund in Funds Now.

Taxation of funds

Funds are taxed in accordance with the principles of capital taxation. The return on fund units is capital income in the same way as the sales profit from the redemption of fund units is. The tax rate for capital income is 30% for up to 30,000 euros and 34% for the exceeding amount.