Funds and fund saving

Funds are a suitable option for both savers and investors. Funds are an easy way to diversify your investments and you can get started even with a small sum. You can make a subscription for funds in Netbank.

What is a fund?

A fund usually refers to a savings and investment product that consists of securities and/or fixed income investments.

By investing in a fund, you receive a fund unit that, in the same way as a share, entitles you to a proportion of the fund’s returns. A fund’s returns are based on the returns on the investments it includes. The returns on investments can be dividends, interest and value increases and decreases of the investments.

How to start fund saving?

  • Our digital savings adviser Nora is for you who wants to start saving quickly and conveniently, and want help with defining your risk profile and with selecting funds.
  • The Portfolio designer will support and advise you when you prefer to compile a fund portfolio of your own.
  • If you already know in which funds you want to start saving, you can make an automatic, monthly Fund savings agreement in Netbank.

Uncertain about choosing the right funds?

Portfolio designer helps you build a diversified fund portfolio based on your preferred investment profile.

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Want to discuss fund saving with an advisor?

Our experts are happy to help you set up an investment plan for you. Our investment advice is free of charge.

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Save in funds with specific sustainability criteria

Saving in funds with specific sustainability criteria can mean that you make your money grow without compromising on factors relating to environmental, social and governance issues (ESG).

Nordea offers a broad range of funds that apply specific sustainability criteria. However, these can vary depending on the fund and the market in which it invests. All funds managed by Nordea are covered by our work within responsible investment, meaning that they apply fundamental ESG criteria. Read more how sustainability is included in portfolio management.

However, we also offer several funds that have specific sustainability criteria and, to make your choice easier, we have selected funds within our Sustainable Choice.

Funds for savers

Funds for savers are the right choice for you if you feel that following the markets and investments is too time-consuming or laborious.

Read more about funds for savers

Sustainable balanced funds

Save in funds where sustainability matters. Choose a fund from our new Sustainable Selection that suits you best.

Read more about Sustainable balanced funds

Stars Funds

The Stars empower investors to make a difference by investing in responsible companies

Read more about Stars Funds

Nordea Innovation Stars

A fund that invests in innovative companies in the health care, technology and sustainable solutions sectors and follows Nordea’s established STARS concept.

Read more about Nordea Innovation Stars

Nordea Global Gender Diversity Fund

Nordea Global Gender Diversity Fund invests globally in companies with attractive valuations, which promote gender equality in areas such as recruitment, employment conditions and management.

Read more about Nordea Global Gender Diversity Fund

Forest funds, real estate funds and other partner funds

We work with our partners to offer you high-quality funds with different themes. You can invest in forests, commercial properties, water and climate, for example.

Read more about our partner funds


Tutustu ETF-rahastoihin ja ETF-sijoittamiseen

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Tutustu indeksirahastoihin ja indeksisijoittamiseen.

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Funds Now

Funds Now includes descriptions of funds' features, risk profiles and investment policies, the daily values of fund units, risk and return ratios and charts illustrating the funds' historical performance.

Fund fees

A subscription fee is charged on a subscription (purchase) of fund units and a redemption fee on a redemption (sale) of fund units. You can subscribe for fund units for a reduced fee via Netbank. 

Each fund pays the fund management company a management fee, which covers such fund management costs as value calculation, accounting and reporting. 

The amount of the management fee is given as an annual fee. The management fee is deducted in the calculation of the daily net asset value per fund unit, and is thus not charged separately. The fee includes a custody fee for fund units. 

You can view the fees for each fund in Funds NowOpens new window.

Taxation of funds

Funds are taxed in accordance with the principles of capital taxation. 

  • The return on fund units is capital income in the same way as the sales profit from the redemption of fund units is. 
  • The tax rate for capital income is 30% for up to 30,000 euros and 34% for the exceeding amount.

What types of funds are there?

Funds can be divided into three categories based on their investments.

Fixed income funds

Funds investing in fixed income products, ie fixed income funds, are an alternative to direct fixed income investments, such as bonds. The investor will gain several investments with even a small sum, which will increase the expected return of the investments due to diversification.

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Equity funds

Equity funds invest mainly in equities and are most suitable as a long-term investment in place of or alongside direct investments in equities. The funds spread their assets over several investments, which minimises risks

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Balanced funds

Balanced funds invest in both equities and fixed income investments. Funds are suitable for investors who want professionals to manage their investments according to the market situation.

Read more about Balanced funds

Whom are funds suitable for?

Funds are a suitable option for both savers and investors because funds are an excellent way to save and to diversify your investments. The so called active funds are managed by Nordea’s professionals so you do not have to monitor the markets or companies as closely as for example in direct equity investments.  

When choosing a fund, it is good to remember that expected return and risk go hand in hand. Low-risk funds have lower expected returns than high-risk funds. 

When inventing in an index fund, you need to be a bit more proactive than with active fund investments. In an active fund a Portfolio Manager will monitor the markets actively and make decisions to buy and sell based on that, but if you invest in a passive index fund, you have to do those decisions yourself.

Miten sijoitusrahasto toimii?

Sijoitusrahasto toimii niin, että rahastoyhtiö kerää säästäjiltä varoja, jotka se sijoittaa eri sijoituskohteisiin, jotka yhdessä muodostavat sijoitusrahaston. Sijoitusrahaston avulla piensijoittaja voi hyödyntää etuja, joista pääsevät muutoin hyötymään vain suurimmat sijoittajat. Rahastot ovat yksi joustavimmista sijoitustavoista, sillä niihin sisältyy sekä riskien hajautus että säännöllinen salkunhoito.

Jäsenet omistavat sijoitusrahaston, joka sijoittaa jäsenten sijoittamat varat arvopapereihin. Jäseneksi pääsee ostamalla rahasto-osuuden. Jokainen osuus vastaa osaa sijoitusrahaston kokonaisvarallisuudesta.

Sijoitusrahaston hajautus

Sijoitusrahaston tärkein etu on riskien hajauttaminen. Osa rahastoista voi hajauttaa riskin jopa 400:aan eri arvopaperiin (osakkeeseen ja/tai joukkolainaan). Ostamalla rahasto-osuuksia sijoittaja hankkii automaattisesti rahaston sääntöjen puitteissa hajautetun sijoitussalkun.

Sijoittaja voi valita riskiprofiiliaan ja sijoitusaikaansa vastaavan rahaston omien kiinnostustensa mukaisesti.

Kun useat sijoittajat sijoittavat yhdessä, rahastoon voidaan ostaa useiden eri yhtiöiden osakkeita eri sektoreilta, maista ja alueilta sekä eripituisia joukkolainoja. Se on usein hyvä vaihtoehto varsinaisten arvopaperien ostolle. Riski on hajautettu sijoitetusta summasta riippumatta.

Sijoitusrahaston rahasto-osuus

Sijoitusrahasto jakaantuu keskenään yhtä suuriin rahasto-osuuksiin, jotka tuottavat yhtäläiset oikeudet rahastossa olevaan rahastossa olevaa omaisuuteen. Itse omaisuus muodostuu useista eri arvopapereista. Sijoittajat ostavat näiden rahastojen rahasto-osuuksia. Jokaisella rahastolla on omat sijoitusperiaatteensa, ja ne sijoittavat siis useisiin arvopapereihin, joita yhdistellään eri tavoilla.

Asiantuntijat seuraavat arvopaperi- ja rahoitusmarkkinoiden kehitystä aktiivisesti ja tekevät sijoitusrahastoon tarvittavat muutokset näkemyksensä mukaisesti. Sijoituksia ei kuitenkaan kannata unohtaa kokonaan. Tarkastele niitä säännöllisin väliajoin, jotta esimerkiksi osakkeiden ja joukkolainojen jakauma pysyy sellaisena kuin haluat.

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