Portfolio designer – create your own fund portfolio

Start investing with our automatic fund screener. Our Portfolio designer builds you a portfolio that can help you get started with fund saving. You can start with just 10 euros a month or make a one-time investment.

What is Portfolio designer?

Nordea's Portfolio designer allows you to choose your preferred investment profile from five alternatives and creates just the right portfolio for you based on your choice. Each portfolio includes a different mix of equities and fixed income investments depending on the investment profile. It only takes one minute to get started!

3 steps to building your portfolio

  1. How much risk are you willing to take? We will help you find the right investment profile. 
  2. What kind of a return do you expect to get on your investment?  
  3. Choose a portfolio that matches your risk profile.

You can choose the investment profile that suits you best and decide whether you are interested in a flexible or responsible investment solution.

Model portfolios:

Sustainable portfolios

Sustainable portfolios are the right fit for you if you want to make your savings grow while also choosing investments that reflect your values. The funds included in the sustainable portfolios invest in companies which pay special attention to environmental, social and governance aspects in their businesses.

Flexible portfolios

Flexible portfolios suit you if you want to have a say in what funds are included in your portfolio. You get to choose from funds managed by Nordea and our external partners.

Effective portfolios

For those of you who are looking for a slightly better expected return than a benchmark index after costs and appreciate that portfolio management can choose not to invest in index companies that are not consider to be a good investment.

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About Portfolio designer

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. The fund’s net asset value (NAV) per unit may increase or decrease due to market movements, and it is not certain that investors will get back the entire amount they invested. 

Portfolio designer is not intended to constitute personal investment advice or recommendation. If you are looking for personal investment advice, you can turn to our digital investment adviser Nora.