What is Portfolio Designer?

Portfolio Designer suits you if you are not looking for investment advice but want an easy way to create a fund portfolio.

  • You can choose one of the five investment profiles in the tool depending on your risk appetite. 
  • Portfolio Designer will then create model portfolios that match the investment profile you selected. You will be able to choose your favourite from the three model portfolios.
  • You can set up an automated monthly saving plan, make a one-time investment – or do both.

How to get started with Portfolio Designer

  1. Select the right investment profile for you from the five options: Cautious, Moderate, Balanced, Focus Growth and Focus Return.
  2. Select the savings amount and see how that affects the expected return.
  3. Select the fund portfolio that best fits your investment profile. You can decide whether you are interested in a flexible, effective or sustainable investment solution. Each model portfolio in the tool includes a different mix of equities and bonds depending on the return/risk profile. 
  4. You can track the performance of your savings easily in Nordea Mobile or Netbank. You are free to take out your savings, invest more or change your savings amount at any time.

Choose the right portfolio for you:

Sustainable portfolio

Sustainable portfolios are the right fit for you if you want to make your savings grow while also choosing investments that reflect your values. The funds included in the sustainable portfolios invest in companies which pay special attention to environmental, social and governance aspects in their businesses.

Flexible portfolio

Flexible portfolios suit you if you want to have a say in what funds are included in your portfolio. You get to choose from funds managed by Nordea and our external partners.

Effective portfolio

For those of you who are looking for a slightly better expected return than a benchmark index after costs and appreciate that portfolio management can choose not to invest in index companies that are not consider to be a good investment.

Uncertain about choosing the right funds?

Portfolio Designer helps you build a diversified fund portfolio based on your preferred investment profile.

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About Portfolio Designer

If you know your preferred investment profile, try our Portfolio Designer tool. The tool does not provide you with any personal investment advice. If you would like to get some advice on how to select the right investment profile for you, you can turn to our digital investment adviser Nora or book a meeting with one of our investment experts.

Please note that the past performance of a fund is not a guarantee of future results. A fund’s net asset value (NAV) per unit may increase or decrease due to market movements, and it’s not certain that you will get back the entire amount you invested. We recommend that you read the fund’s Key Investor Information Document before making any investment decisions. You can access all fund documents in the Funds Now service.