FlexiDeposit Account

Our FlexiDeposit Account is an easy way to save for any unexpected events in your everyday life. It’s a continuous savings account that allows you to access the money whenever you need it. If you want to discuss your savings options with our experts, book a meeting.

Now available

Fixed deposit interest rate for each FlexiDeposit period:
2,2 %* 
Duration of a FlexiDeposit period12 months
Minimum deposit amountEUR 500.00
Maximum deposit amountEUR 100,000.00

*The funds in the account are instantly accessible. The deposit interest is calculated on the lowest balance of each FlexiDeposit period. Interest will not be paid on any additional deposits made during the FlexiDeposit period.

Your benefits

  • Our FlexiDeposit Account is a continuous savings account for people who want saving to be flexible, easy and secure.
  • You never have to worry about the account expiring or about re-depositing your savings.
  • You have instant access to your savings and can withdraw funds from the account any time without any fees.
  • You can make deposits and withdrawals easily through the management account in Nordea Mobile or Netbank.
  • The funds deposited in the account are covered by the deposit guarantee scheme. Read more about the deposit guaranteeOpens new window.


The FlexiDeposit Account consists of consecutive FlexiDeposit periods. The first FlexiDeposit period starts when the account agreement has been concluded and the funds have been deposited in the account.

Each FlexiDeposit period always starts on the next day after the previous FlexiDeposit period has ended.

Determination of interest

The deposit interest rate, the duration of a FlexiDeposit period and the minimum and maximum deposit amounts on which deposit interest will be paid are determined separately for each FlexiDeposit period. The interest rate is determined by the market. 

Interest calculation method and payment

The deposit interest is calculated on the lowest balance of each FlexiDeposit period and it will be paid to the FlexiDeposit Account on the day after the FlexiDeposit period has ended. 


The deposit interest paid on the account is subject to tax-at-source in Finland.

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