Deposit interest rate and how it’s determined

Fixed annual deposit interest rate* for a FlexiDeposit period

3,35 %

Duration of a FlexiDeposit period12 months
Minimum deposit amount per account500.00 euros
Maximum deposit amount per account500,000.00 euros
Maximum number of accounts per customer12
Account opening and management feesNo fees**
Additional deposits and credit transfersno fees, can be made in Nordea Netbank and Mobile

*) Deposit interest is calculated on the lowest balance of each FlexiDeposit period.

**) The settlement account or additional services linked to the account may be subject to fees.

Your benefits

  • FlexiDeposit adds flexibility to your daily finances. You can withdraw your savings any time without any fees. Please note that deposit interest is paid on the lowest balance of each FlexiDeposit period. This means that any additional deposits you make during the period won’t earn any interest. If you withdraw funds from the account during the period, no interest is paid on the sum you withdraw.
  • If you want to make additional deposits during a period, you can open a new FlexiDeposit Account, as it will allow you to earn interest on the additional deposits as well. You can have simultaneously as many as 12 FlexiDeposit Accounts.
  • A new FlexiDeposit period will start automatically after the previous period ends. This way you never have to worry about the account expiring or about re-depositing your savings.
  • You can open a new account and make deposits and withdrawals easily in Nordea Mobile or Netbank.
  • The funds deposited in the account are covered by the deposit guarantee scheme. Read more about the deposit guaranteeOpens new window.

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Fixed rate and period

Time Deposit Account

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