Check list

1. New name on your payment card?

It’s a common practice in Finland to change your last name when you get married. The most usual decision is for one spouse to take the other’s name, but there are also other options: you can compound your names or you can come up with a completely new last name as a couple.

If your last name changes, you will need to renew your passport, driving licence and identity card as well as payment cards to carry your new name.

Once the change of name becomes effective after the wedding, wait for a few weeks before you order the new cards to make sure that we’ve received the information on your new name from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. The Agency will submit the information to us automatically, so you don’t need to inform us separately about your name change.

You can order a new card from Nordea Netbank or by contacting Nordea Customer Service.

If you have further questions about changing your name, go to the website of the Digital and Population Data Services AgencyOpens new window to learn more.

2. If you need a new card right away, get a life certificate from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency

If, for some reason, you need a payment card with your new name as soon as possible after the wedding, get a life certificate from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency and deliver it to us after you’re married. With the life certificate we can order the new card for you immediately. The card will be delivered to your home address within two weeks.

A life certificate from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency is an official document confirming your personal data recorded in the System, including the change of your name. After the wedding and name change, you can order the life certificate:

  • from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency
  • from the registry of your Evangelical Lutheran parish or
  • from the central register of the Orthodox Church of Finland.

3. Accounts to the same bank?

If you and your spouse have so far had different banks, you should decide on a common bank after the wedding. Having the same bank will make your life as a married couple easier in many ways. Our online service is an easy and convenient way to sign up as our customer without having to visit a branch.

4.  A joint account?

Sometimes when you talk about money, you also talk about your dreams. If you don’t have the chance to go on a honeymoon, a joint account might serve as a means to save for your dream holiday. If you feel like it’s time to open a joint account, don’t hesitate to contact us!

After the wedding, you can relax and take your time to settle – banking can wait. You will build your finances together over time. The most important thing is to enjoy this happy phase in your life’s journey without reservations!