Payment service

  • Our payment service helps you pay occasional invoices if you don’t have access to Nordea Netbank.
  • We will pay the invoices you send us in the payment service envelope and charge the amount to your account. All you need to do is ensure that your account has enough funds to cover the payments. In addition, please note that the invoices must reach us no later than six banking days before the payment date.
  • You can put your invoices in a payment service envelope and drop it in a regular mailbox.

We apply service-specific fees set in our tariff. Please read the terms and conditions and the tariff for the service before starting to use it.

Orders and deliveries of payment service envelopes

You can order payment service envelopes by giving us your contact information. We will deliver the payment service envelopes within two weeks to your address in Finland. The delivery contains ten payment service envelopes. 

Please note that there are separate payment service envelopes for estates.

How to fill in and send an order for payment service envelopes

Fill in your contact information on the form below and press Send. After we have received your contact information, we will send you ten payment service envelopes to the address you have given.

Select which kind of envelopes you need:

Please check once again that the information you have provided is correct. We won’t be able to deliver the envelopes, if the name and address details are insufficient. 

We will use your name and address for sending the payment service envelopes only.

Terms and conditions