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Young customers’ benefits for 19–25-year-olds

As a young customer, you get a wide range of services and benefits for every step of your life. When life happens, we are here to help.

Benefits for young customers

As a young customer aged 19–25, you get daily banking services for a lower cost. Read about our free-of-charge mobile apps and comprehensive insurance for young adults.

If you are under 19, you get a debit card and the Nordea ID app you can use for electronic identification as well as mobile and online banking free of charge in addition to a current account.

Free-of-charge Mobile Plus package

  • The Mobile Plus package is free of charge for young customers who are using mobile bank and have an account and a card. With our services, you can do your banking any time, anywhere. Just download the Nordea Mobile app and Nordea ID app to your smartphone or tablet, and you’re set to go.
  • The Mobile Plus package includes current accounts, 1–2 cards*, online banking codes and mobile bank and Netbank.
  • If you are not using mobile bank, you will get the Basic package at a discounted price if you are using Nordea Netbank and have an account and a card*.
  • Services not included in the package are subject to fees stated in our tariff.

* Cards included in the package are Nordea Electron, Nordea Debit, Nordea Credit and Nordea Gold.

Read more about the Mobile Plus package and the Basic package

Free-of-charge mobile apps

Comprehensive young customer’s insurance

  • Easy, affordable and comprehensive insurance for our 18–28-year-old customers. 
  • You will get travel, home and accident insurance in one package. The young customer’s package is up to 20% cheaper than if you sign up for the corresponding products separately. 
  • The young customer’s insurance is granted by If P&C Insurance Company Ltd, for which Nordea Bank Abp acts as an agent. 

Read more about the young customer’s insurance 

Benefits for university students

Studying is the best investment you can make in yourself and your future. Sign up as a university student customer to get the best prices and benefits.

We serve you in our chat, in social media and over the phone

  • When you need our expert advice, Nordea Customer Service serves you in Finnish every day of the year and in English on weekdays. You can find the contact details for our Customer Service and answers to frequently asked questions here.
  • Our national network of experts is at your disposal when you need expert advice for saving for your first home (ASP) or applying for an ASP loan.
  • For practical tips on managing your daily finances, you can also follow us on Snapchat (@nordeasuomi), Instagram (@nordea_fi) and Twitter (@Nordea_Aspa).

If you are a university student aged 19–30, you can sign up as a university student customer at www.nordea.fi/en/personal/our-services/customer-benefits/opiskelija.html You will also get our benefits for university student customers.

Benefits for university students

We offer a wide range of services and benefits to students. Sign up as a university student customer to get the best prices and benefits.

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If You young customer’s insurance

If You young customer’s insurance is a comprehensive insurance package designed for 18–28-year-olds.

Read more about the If You young customer’s insurance