Become Nordea’s student customer

Use this form to become Nordea’s university student customer, and you’ll get to enjoy the varied student benefits. The benefits are valid until you turn 31.

Date of birth, ID delimiter and the end part in full

Apply for a Nordea Gold credit card

You have the possibility to apply for a card once you have been accepted as a university student. For university students, the card is free of charge for five years and has a credit limit of 2,000 euros. In addition, if your pay for your travels with Nordea Gold card, you will also get travel insurance.

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What is a student loan?

A student loan is an affordable and safe option for students, which you don’t need to repay until after you finish your studies.

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Nuorisoedut 19-25 -vuotiaille

Nuorisoasiakkaana saat tuntuvia etuja päivittäispalveluista, esimerkiksi maksuttoman MobiiliPlus -paketin. Tarjoamme myös monipuolisen nuorisovakuutuksen, maksuttomia mobiilisovelluksia pankkiasiointiin, sekä monia muita arkea helpottavia palveluita.

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