Become Nordea’s student customer

Use this form to become Nordea’s university student customer, and you’ll get to enjoy the varied student benefits. The benefits are valid until you turn 31.

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Nordea Gold for students

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Student-customers can apply for a Nordea Gold credit card. With Nordea Gold you can pay safely abroad and online. As a student you can get a credit limit up to 2,000 euros.

Student loan

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Student loans are state-guaranteed loans for students. A student loan allows you to focus on your studies instead of working and complete your degree in the target time.

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Have you noticed these?

  • If you no longer receive student financial aid, you will have to pay the interest on your student loan on 15 December. Read more on how interest is charged on your student loan.
  • If Home Insurance -25% for Nordea's customers.
  • Ask questions on Jodel at Nordea_Aspa! Our advisors answer during weekdays.
  • The instalments for the academic year 2022–2023 must be drawn down 31.7.2023 at the latest.