What is insurance saving and what is unit-linked insurance?

Insurance saving is a form of long-term savings and investment. Despite the name, insurance saving does not mean insuring your assets; instead, it is an investment made through an insurance company. There are many benefits to insurance saving that are not available with traditional bank accounts and investment funds.

A unit-linked insurance policy is an insurance saving agreement that allows you, within that agreement, to invest in a variety of investment objects and to reallocate your investments without the gains from those changes being taxed. There are various types of unit-linked insurance, examples being endowment insurance and capital redemption contracts. These may also be described with the terms ‘savings insurance’ or ‘insurance wrapper’.

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Discounted price for under 30-year-olds

If you’re under 30 years old, we have a great offer for you! You can get a 50% discount on the management fee of your unit-linked insurance policy for savings up to 100,000 euros.

A unit-linked insurance policy is a great way to accumulate savings to help you realise your future dreams. Take advantage of your discount and start saving today. 

Why unit-linked insurance?

  • Various investment alternatives under one contract – Select one or more investment instruments from our wide selection of investment funds and baskets. Our unique investment baskets can only be accessed through unit-linked insurance. 
  • Switch between investments free of charge and without having to pay taxes right away – Unit-linked insurance offers you the flexibility to add and switch underlying investments any time free of charge. You can also change the asset allocation under your contract. You only pay taxes on the return when you withdraw your money.
  • Protect your assets from market volatility – You can protect your assets by investing in the low-risk Granite Portfolio Fixed Income investment basket or moving them into an Insurance Account. An Insurance Account is a safe place to park your money while waiting for market volatility to subside or searching for a new investment.
  • Suits both active and passive investors – Unit-linked insurance is a great fit for an investor who wants to actively switch between investments to take advantage of market movements. A more passive investor can choose from our investment baskets where your assets are managed by our investment specialists. 
  • Save and invest in a way that suits you – Make a larger one-time investment or save smaller amounts over time as you see fit. You can get started with as little as 10 euros. Your contract also offers you the flexibility to withdraw your savings whenever you need to.

Are insurance-based investment products the right fit for me?

Whether you are an experienced investor or just starting out, insurance-based investment products are suitable for many different needs. Unit-linked insurance could be a great choice for you if: 

  • you are prepared to invest long-term, meaning for a minimum of three years (the recommended investment horizon depends on the investment alternatives you select), or
  • you want to invest in the investment baskets, which are only available as part of our unit-linked insurance policies, or
  • you want to actively switch investments without any immediate tax consequences if there are movements in the market or your circumstances change, or
  • you are interested in endowment insurance as an estate planning option.

If you intend to invest for a short period of time or in just one fund and you are not planning to switch investments or transfer your wealth to future generations, unit-linked insurance may not be the best option for you.

Nordea unit-linked insurance policies – two options to choose from

Do you wish to accumulate assets for your heirs or to save up to live your dream or to enjoy your retirement? Have a look at the Nordea Visio endowment insurance and Nordea Capital capital redemption contracts and choose the one that suits you best. Both products give you the benefits of unit-linked insurance.

Nordea Vision

Nordea Vision endowment insurance is particularly well-suited for estate planning and transfers of wealth to future generations. It suits both active and passive investors, as it enables you to select your investments based on how much involvement you want to have in the management of your assets. If you are more risk-averse, you can add the Inheritance Cover feature to your Nordea Vision endowment insurance to protect your invested capital in the event of death.

Read more about Nordea Vision

Nordea Capital

Nordea Capital is a capital redemption contract with no lives assured. Nordea Capital is particularly well-suited for long-term saving and investment if you want to make your retirement more comfortable or have bigger dreams to realise. It is also a good option if you want to save money for your child. You decide if you want to actively manage your investments or choose investment baskets managed by our specialists. The possibilities are many.

Read more about Nordea Capital

Investment objects
Terms used in insurance saving
Taxation of unit-linked insurance
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Terms used in insurance saving

Insurance saving involves a variety of terms that may seem complex at first. Getting to know these terms is a good way to begin investigating the benefits of insurance saving.

  • A ‘unit-linked insurance policy’ is an agreement that allows you, within that agreement, to invest in a variety of investment objects and to reallocate your investments without the gains from those changes being taxed. Nordea offers two unit-linked insurance products: Nordea Visio (endowment insurance) and Nordea Capital (capital redemption contract).
  • A unit-linked insurance policy may also be referred to as ‘savings insurance’ or ‘insurance wrapper’.
  • An ‘endowment insurance policy’ is an insurance saving agreement where you can designate a beneficiary to whom the assets will be paid out in case of your death. You can designate one or more beneficiaries on an endowment insurance policy without having to make a separate will. Nordea Visio is an endowment insurance product.
  • A ‘capital redemption contract’ is an insurance saving agreement which, unlike an endowment insurance policy, does not have an insured person or a beneficiary. Nordea Capital is a capital redemption contract product.
  • An ‘investment object’ is any of the items which you can select as investments in your unit-linked insurance policy. Investment objects may be investment funds, investment baskets, equity-linked bonds or a low-risk Insurance Account.
  • An ‘investment basket’ is an item containing investments in a variety of instruments, such as investment funds, shares, government bonds and corporate bonds. Investment baskets are only available through unit-linked insurance policies.

Issuer and further information

For more information about our endowment insurance Nordea Vision and our capital redemption contract Nordea Capital, visit the product pages where you will also find product descriptions, terms and conditions and other related documents. Documents are available in Finnish and in Swedish.

Nordea Vision and Nordea Capital are issued by Nordea Life Assurance Finland Ltd (Business ID 0927072-8). Nordea Life Assurance Finland Ltd is part of the Nordea Group, the leading financial services group in the Nordic countries and the Baltic Sea region. Nordea Life Assurance Finland Ltd sells unit-linked insurance policies through its agent Nordea Bank Abp. 

Investments provide the possibility of gaining profits due to capital appreciation, but there is also a risk of a possible decrease in the capital value. Unit-linked insurance policies are not covered by the deposit guarantee scheme for bank accounts nor by the Investors’ Compensation Fund. The value of the investments may rise or fall depending on the market situation, and past performance is not a guarantee of future returns.

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