Become a customer

It has never been this easy and fast to open banking services. It is now also possible to easily open an account online for a child.

Become a customer online

The “Become a corporate customer online" service is an easy and convenient way to sign up as Nordea's customer without having to visit a Nordea branch. If you're over 18 fill in the form in the service and send it to Nordea electronically.

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Open an account and services online for an underage child

Opening banking services for a child at Nordea is easy online. You can also open other Nordea’s online banking services, as well as order a Nordea Electron card for your child.

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Become a corporate customer online

You can become a corporate customer of Nordea by filling in an application without having to visit a Nordea branch. You will be provided with an “E-start-up package for companies” for managing your everyday banking.

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