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Remember the insurance policies included in Mastercards

If you make purchases with your card’s credit facility, you get extra cover: Nordea credit cards include unique benefits, such as comprehensive travel insurance for trips abroad and cash withdrawal cover.

Cover for your everyday life and holiday travels with credit cards

All Nordea credit cards (except Stockmann Mastercard) include some insurance on top of their other excellent benefits such as interest- or instalment-free payment periods. The insurance cover is only valid if your purchases have been made with the card’s credit facility. Read more about the validity of our insurance alternatives and the insurance terms and conditions at the end of this page.

Travel insurance

For instance, both Nordea Gold and Finnair Plus Mastercard credit cards include travel insurance. Thus paying your trip with a credit card is a perfect means of having your trips abroad insured. With a Nordea Gold credit card, travel insurance is valid if you have paid at least 75% of the total travel and accommodation costs with your card’s credit facility. With Finnair Plus Mastercard, the travel insurance is valid if you have paid your travel costs in full with your card’s credit facility.

Product Safety Insurance, cash withdrawal cover and PriceGuard Insurance

Besides travel insurance, Nordea Gold credit cards also include Product Safety Insurance, whereas Nordea Credit cards only include Product Safety Insurance. Finnair Plus Mastercard includes travel insurance and cash withdrawal cover, whereas TUOHI Mastercard only includes PriceGuard Insurance. Read more below about the card-specific insurance terms and conditions and the coverage of travel insurance.

Nordea Gold

Insurance included in the Nordea Gold card

Nordea Gold card include Travel insurance and Product Safety insurance.

Travel Insurance

  • The insurance is valid on leisure trips when no less than 75% of the total travelling and accommodation costs have been paid with the card`s credit facility.
  • The travel insurance included in the Gold cards is in force on trips abroad for a period of up to three months. All Nordea Gold holders between the ages of 16 and 78 and their family members travelling with them are insured according to the insurance terms.

Product Safety Insurance

  • Product Safety Insurance provides additional cover for your card purchases when products that are purchased to be used indoors at your permanent or leisure home are paid in full with a Nordea credit card. Product Safety Insurance provides cover in the event of damage or breakdown of the insured object in accordance with the insurance terms and conditions. The purchase price of the insured object must be at least 100 euros and paid in full with the card’s credit facility. 

The insurance is granted by Tryg Insurance A/S.  Address, Sveavägen 167,11346 Stockholm, Sweden. 

Travel Insurance

Product safety insurance

The customer Service (in Finnish, Swedish or English) is open Mon–Fri 8.00–16.00, tel +358 800 935 55 Opens new window. Mail address -Tryg - Nordea cards, FE 371, 10656 Stockholm, Sverige.


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What should I do if problems arise?

Every purchase does not always go as planned, but if you have used your credit card, you can get help either from the bank or the card insurance provider. Below you can find examples that help to illustrate how and where you can file a claim.

I got the wrong product

I got the wrong product

 "I ordered a pair of shoes from an online store, but the package contained a pair of sunglasses. I have not been able to sort out the issue with the seller."

Since the online purchase was paid with a credit card, the customer can dispute the transaction by filing a complaint with the bank. The customer should dispute the card transaction and send the order confirmation and contact to the seller as attachments so that a potential breach of the agreement on the seller's part can be confirmed.

The product I ordered did not arrive
The product broke while in use
The airline company cancelled my flights
I was not able to make the flight due to travel restrictions
I was not able to make the flight due to reasons unrelated to me
I’m cancelling the flights myself