We wish you luck and prosperity, student!

Studying is the best investment you can make in yourself and your future. During your studies, you may also think of investing or opening an ASP Account. Nordea will be your partner during your studies, too.

Take advantage of our benefits below by becoming a student customer

Benefit1: Free basic banking services

  • Monthly fee for a current account 0,00 € /month (normal price 2,00 €/month)
  • Access codes 0,00 € /month (normal price 3,00 €/month)
  • Nordea Electron 0,00 €/month (normaalihinta 2,50 €/month)
  • Mastercard Gold  first five years 0,00 €/month (normal price 6,25 €/month)*

* After five years, the price of the Mastercard will be determined according to your customer relationship at the time.

Benefit2: You will eligible for a Nordea Gold credit card

You can obtain a card once you have been accepted as a university student. For university students, the card is free of charge for five years and has a credit limit of 2,000 euros. In addition, if your pay for your travels with Nordea Gold card, you will also get travel insurance. Apply for a card by calling to our Customer Service. 0200 70 000.

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Benefit3: Our newest mobile services

Nordea’s new mobile apps allow you to easily transfer cash, pay bills and manage your other banking on a mobile phone. Use the code app instead of the traditional paper code card.

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Benefit4: Student loan with affordable interest and flexible payment period

Nordea offers an affordable interest rate and a flexible repayment schedule for your student loan.

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Benefit5: Advice on how to start investing

If you are interested in making investments, you can start investing while you're still studying. Nordea Investor is an investor’s online service containing webinars and podcasts for fledgling and more experienced investors alike.

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Benefit 6: Advice to students on ASP saving and applying for an ASP loan

You may already dream of your first home while still studying, but you are uncertain about taking out a housing loan. It pays off to open an ASP Account while still studying. The amounts saved need not be big. When you start early, you can buy a home once you have completed your studies. There is no arrangement fee for your first housing loan.

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Criteria for signing up as Nordea’s student customer

You can sign up as Nordea’s student customer** when

  • you are 18-35 year old
  • you are currently studying in a university (university or university of applied sciences)***
  • you will complete your whole degree in Finland. 

** Nordea reserves the right to modify its offering, content and criteria for student customers. 

*** You can be a student customer for a maximum of 7 years. After that your customer relationship will be determined according to your circumstances at the time.

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