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You will get the university student benefits when you sign up as our student customer. You are qualified to sign up if you are aged between 18 and 30 and studying at a university, university of applied sciences or some other higher education institution.

As a student, you are eligible for these benefits:

After signing up, our student benefits will be available to you until your 31st birthday, even if you completed your studies earlier. After this, the benefits and services will be priced according to your banking volume.

How to check if you’re a student customer

Are you suspecting that you have already signed up with us as a student customer? Log in to Nordea Mobile or Netbank and start a chat by writing “Am I already a student customer?”. Our chatbot Nova can confirm your status and answer your other questions! The chat is available under the Help tab in Nordea Mobile.

Your day-to-day life

As Nordea’s student customer, you will enjoy benefits that will make your student life easier.

Student loan

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Student loans are state-guaranteed loans for students. A student loan allows you to focus on your studies instead of working and complete your degree in the target time.


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You can apply for a Nordea Gold card for students, including both a debit and a credit card, as soon as you have been admitted to university.

Everyday banking

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As our student customer, you’ll get our mobile banking services, a bank account and a payment card free of charge. These are included in our Mobile Plus package.

Looking into the future

We enable dreams and aspirations and help you prepare for the future.

Buying a home

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Are you dreaming of your own home? You should open an ASP Account while you’re studying because if you start in good time, you’ll be able to buy your own home as soon as you complete your studies.

Monthly saving

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You should get an early start to saving in funds to make the most of compound interest. You can get started with as little as 10 euros a month!


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Do you want to start investing? Book an appointment with one of our investment experts. It’s completely free of charge and doesn’t commit you to anything, but you’ll get a plan, created together with us, that is tailored to your particular circumstances.

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