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Benefits valid until your 31st birthday

We make your student life easier

When you sign up as our student customer, you will get access to our university student benefits. You are qualified to sign up if you are aged between 18 and 30 and studying at a university, university of applied sciences or some other higher education institution.

As a student, you are eligible for these benefits:

Our student benefits will be available to you until your 31st birthday, even if you completed your studies earlier. After this, the benefits and services will be priced according to your banking volume.

Invest in your future and yourself

We enable dreams and aspirations and help you prepare for the future.

What you also get as our customer:

Discounts for under 30-year-olds:

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Monthly saving with Nora

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Become a fund saver in 7 minutes with Nora. Nora will recommend a suitable investment fund for you, but lets you make the final decision. In three easy steps, you can start saving in funds in just a few minutes!

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You can apply for a Nordea Gold card as soon as you have been admitted to study

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