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By signing up as a Nordea's university student customer, you get to enjoy our best benefits and prices.

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Studying is the best investment you can make in yourself and your future. Sign up as Nordea’s student customer and enjoy our comprehensive student benefits:

Preconditions for becoming a university student customer

You can sign up as our university student customer when

  • you are aged 19–30 and
  • you are studying at a Finnish university or university of applied sciences or at some other higher education institution.

You will get the university student benefits when you sign up as our university student customer. After signing up, our student benefits will be available to you until your 31st birthday, even if you completed your studies earlier. After this, the benefits and services will be priced according to your banking volume. 

Nordea reserves the right to modify the content of its offering and its benefits and criteria for university student customers. 

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If you were accepted as a student...

you are also eligible for a Nordea Gold card! Nordea Gold is a credit card that you may apply for right after you have been notified of having been admitted to university or university of applied sciences. As a university student, you get to also enjoy Nordea’s other student benefits.

Did you know? You can apply for a Nordea Gold credit card:

Student - Nordea Gold - Infograf 1

1. Right after you have been notified that you have been admitted to university or university of applied sciences.

Student - Nordea Gold - Infograf 2

2. You have a good credit profile.

Student - Nordea Gold - Infograf 3

3. You manage your finances in a smart way.

Apply for a Nordea Gold credit card

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Student loan and student’s credit card

Flexibility for your student budget with a student loan and a student’s credit card

A student loan will make your student life easier. With finances in order, you can focus all your energy on studying. And if you complete your degree within the set time, Kela will pay part of your student loan as student loan compensation.

You are also eligible for a student’s Nordea Gold credit card after having been admitted to university. For you as a university student, the card is free of charge if you also use Nordea Mobile. A Nordea Gold card comes with a credit facility of up to 2,000 euros. In addition, if your pay for your travels with your Nordea Gold card, you will also get travel insurance.

Daily banking services free of charge
Services for investing and saving

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