Equity savings account

Within the equity savings account, equity investors will able to trade in shares without incurring any direct taxes.

What is an equity savings account?

Within the equity savings account, equity investors will able to trade in shares of both Finnish and foreign companies listed on a stock exchange or, for example, the Nasdaq First North exchange without incurring any direct taxes.

Dividends and interest will also be exempt from taxes on the equity savings account and account holders will have the opportunity to re-invest them without having to pay any taxes in between. Thus the equity savings account makes it possible to reap the full benefits of the compound interest effect when investing in equities, as the proceeds and dividends are credited to the account without direct tax liability.

What you should know about the equity savings account

  • You may have only one equity savings account at a time and thus you can open an equity savings account in one bank only. 
  • The equity savings account is only intended for shares, so you cannot trade in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), for example, using the account. You cannot transfer your existing shareholdings to the equity savings account.
  • You must make deposits to the equity savings account for investing in shares. You can deposit amounts that suit you best, at your preferred pace, up to 50,000 euros. However, this limit applies to the amount you may deposit on the account – the value of your total holdings may exceed the limit as a result of an increase in their value and dividends received.
  • You can make deposits in Nordea Investor in the My investments tab, by clicking on the green button up on the right side.

Equity investor’s benefits as a Nordea customer

Above all, equity investors will benefit from Nordea’s affordable brokerage fees. In addition, Nordea’s customers will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Kauppalehti news
  • Weekly report by Nordea’s investment strategists
  • Up-to-date prices from the Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo stock exchanges, one bidding level, with a snapshot update 
  • Five bidding levels and a snapshot can be separately activated free of charge from the Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen stock exchanges
  • More than 20 different marketplaces in Europe and Northern America including the largest stock exchanges from Lisbon to Helsinki
  • The Nordea Investor trading platform

The equity savings account suits long-term investors

The equity savings account is intended for anyone interested in investing in shares and it is particularly well-suited to long-term investors who prefer to periodically update their portfolios themselves and re-invest their possible returns and dividends.

Long-term saving in equities will become more attractive, as investors will benefit from the effect of compound interest. In a nutshell, this means that investors will be able to add their returns to their investment instead of withdrawing them and earn interest on a larger amount over the next interest period.

As the amounts and the time involved increase, the benefits of compound interest will become more pronounced each year. With long-term savings, a savvy investor may benefit greatly from compound interest.

Open an Equity savings account

Opening an equity savings account online is easy – all you need is online banking codes.

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Invest with confidence without worrying about fees

As a Nordea customer, you do not have to worry about the validity of fixed-term campaign prices or discounts related to various memberships. You can simply focus on picking the right shares for you. Nordea’s affordable brokerage fees are the same for everyone and allow you to make your equity savings profitable even when you are trading in small sums.

Compare annual brokerage fees

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Get started with saving in equities on Equity Savings Day

Each month Nordea organizes an Equity Savings Day when it’s possible to buy shares listed on a specific stock exchange with a trading fee of 1 euro.

Diversification is key when investing in shares. You can diversify your investments by buying shares at different times and from various sectors and geographical areas, for example. If you trade on each Equity Savings Day, you get time diversification and geographical diversification automatically, while taking advantage of our low trading fees to grow your equity savings.


What are the costs of using an equity savings account?

You can open an equity savings account free of charge. Trading with the equity savings account is subject to Nordea’s standard brokerage and custody fees. Thanks to our affordable brokerage fees, you can invest small sums in Finnish and foreign shares without paying too much in expenses.


Equity savings account management fee
0 €
Safe custody fee0-1,95 € per month 
You will not be charged any safe custody fees if you have made at least one trade during the previous quarter
Brokerage fee, new investor level

0.2% for trades over EUR 800 (minimum brokerage fee EUR 8) and 1% for trades under EUR 800.

For the fees at other levels, please see our tariff.

Opening of an account 0 €
0 €
Closing of an account (incl. the transfer of balance information, Finnish shares and funds in the account)
0 €
Assignment of the account to another service provider
40 €
Transfer of foreign securities
68 € per asset class
Closing of an equity savings account in case of death

0 €
Plus the transfer costs of shares, if any, in accordance with our tariff

Finnish shares EUR 4.03 per asset class, foreign shares EUR 14.00 per asset class

Open an Equity savings account

Opening an equity savings account online is easy – all you need is online banking codes.

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