Other prices for trading and safe custody services

Prices - Trading


Direct trading in subscription rights
In connection with subscription on the trading price of the purchase or sales order4,00
Asset transfer tax on the trading price of subscription rights, charged from both the seller and the buyer0,80 
Prices (VAT 24% included) €

Registration of a trade transaction transmitted by an agent other than Nordea Markets.  No VAT is levied on the price.


Follow-up/trade transaction concerning a securities portfolio pledged as security. In addition, a trade registration fee is charged.


* In addition, the London Stock Exchange charges a 0.5% stamp duty on the trading price in connection with the purchase.

** In addition, a service fee of 8.41 euros and a fee for changing an order 8.41 euros.

The total fee charged from the seller (and in the case of trades of subscription rights, also from the buyer) is half of the trading price at the most.

Derivatives; Nordea's trading and execution fees - The fees include Nordea's trading fees and the market place's (MP) trading fees
Equity and index options (OMX and Eurex)
trade3% of the premium*
delivery of shares, based on Finnish shares (exercise/assignment)0.5% of the value of the delivery**
cash delivery3% of the premium***

* minimum fee 50 € + MP’s fees 
** + MP’s fees 
*** minimum fee 50 € + MP’s fees

Index futures and forwards
trade0.5% of the value of the futures contract*
settlement of net value (at the expiry of a futures or forwards contract)0.5% of the value of the futures contract*

* (includes all MP’s fees), minimum fee 50 €

Forward contracts on shares (OMX)
trade0.5% of the value of the forward contract*

* + MP’s fees

The minimum fee is not charged for trades closing a position (before maturity).

Prices - Custody services
Prices - Safe keeping