Home Insurance

If Home Insurance helps handle surprising situation in everyday life at home and at the cottage. You always get a suitable policy to provide properly dimensioned safety in case of damage.

  • You only need to take Nordea If Home Insurance to become eligible for the If customer programme. It will bring you a 10% discount on your insurance at minimum.
  • Your home insurance is also valid during construction work, renovation and removals, as well as while travelling (luggage) throughout the world.

Pet insurance for dogs and cats may be included to be part of your home insurance

We offer an expert's help for the maintenance of your house free of charge.

If helps Finns in taking care of their single-family houses and in preventing any damage to them. Our unique “If Kunnon koti” service includes a house inspection by a construction-sector specialist (Anticimex Oy) and consultancy in house maintenance by telephone. This service, worth close to 500 euros, is a free additional bonus to our customers who have insured their house with our Comprehensive Cover and Comprehensive Cover Plus.

If you already have an insurance policy* with If, order the free service hereOpens new window.

If you are not yet an If customer, read about our home insurance hereOpens new window.

* Insurance for a single-family house with Comprehensive Cover or Comprehensive Cover Plus

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