When should you open a savings account?

  • A savings account is a safe and easy way to save: you’ll know exactly how much interest your savings will earn.
  • Opening a savings account is easy in Nordea Netbank – browse our range of options and choose the best one for you!
  • A savings account is also a good option if you want to build up a rainy day fund or if you have another short-term goal in mind. If you want to save in the longer term, we recommend that you look into fund saving.
For at least 12 months

FlexiDeposit Account

A flexible option when you want to deposit money for at least 12 months. The deposit interest rate is fixed for a period of 12 months, after which the account revolves and the interest rate is updated automatically. You can withdraw funds from the account during the 12-month period.

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For monthly saving


A PerkAccount is a good option when you want to build a buffer or save in the short term: you will have unrestricted access to withdrawals and deposits.

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Fixed rate and period

Time Deposit Account

As the interest rate on a Time Deposit Account is fixed for the entire deposit period, you will always know in advance how much interest you will earn on your deposit.

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For first-time home savers

ASP account

You can open an ASP account if you’re aged between 15 and 44 and want to start saving to buy your first home. Once you’ve saved at least 10% of the price of your home, we’ll lend you the rest.

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How to choose the best savings account for you

Compare accounts and choose the best one for you



Time Deposit Account

ASP account

A good choice for you if...You intend to save in the account for at least a year, but you may also need your savings earlier.You want to save regularly and be able to deposit or withdraw funds anytime.You want to deposit your money for a certain period (1–36 months), and don’t want to withdraw any funds during that period.You’re aged between 15 and 44 and want to save for your first home.
Interest rate

3,35 %

Fixed, tiered from 0.40 to 1.40%Fixed. Agreed when you open the account.Deposit interest rate of 1%. Bonus interest paid in arrears if you meet the conditions of ASP saving.**
Instant access to withdrawYesYesNoNo
Instant access to depositYes, but the deposit interest is calculated on the lowest balance in the 12-month period, which means that any additional deposits you make during the period won’t earn any interest.YesNoNo
Deposit amount500–500,000 eurosNo restrictionsMinimum 500 euros150–4,500 euros per calendar quarter
Deposit periodNo restrictions    No restrictionsMinimum 1 monthMinimum eight quarters that don’t have to be consecutive.
Account costs*Free of chargeFree of chargeFree of charge. If you withdraw money before the agreed deposit period ends, we will charge a cancellation fee and possible refinancing costs.Free of charge
*The settlement account or additional services linked to the account may be subject to fees. See our tariff
**The bonus interest of 4% is paid for the year in which you start saving and for a maximum of five calendar years after that. Read the terms and conditions applied to the bonus interest on the ASP loan page. Read more about ASP loan

Interest on savings accounts

The interest we pay on your savings depends on the type of your account. When you’re opening an account in Nordea Netbank, you can find the interest details on the Services tab. First, you should ensure that you have enough cash in your accounts to cover your expenses for the next couple of months and to buffer for any unexpected expenses. We also recommend that you start saving in investment funds each month. Cash in a savings account gives you security, but if you invest your savings correctly, they can also accrue a return for you and grow your wealth over time.