Savings accounts

A savings account is a safe way to save. Start saving for a buffer in an account. If you want to discuss your savings options with our experts, book a meeting.

ASP account

When you save at least 10% of the price of your home, we will lend you the rest. You can open an ASP Account if you are between 18 and 44 years of age and planning to buy your first home.

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Interest rate 2,25%

FlexiDeposit Account

We review the interest paid on FlexiDeposit Accounts once a year. You have instant access to your savings, meaning that a FlexiDeposit Account also works as a cash reserve.

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This account is suitable for regular saving. You can withdraw funds and make credit transfers without restrictions.

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Fixed-Term Account

You always know the interest paid on your Fixed-Term Account in advance. The deposit interest is fixed throughout the deposit period.

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How to choose the best savings account for you

Savings accounts offer different interest rates so you should compare the accounts to find a suitable savings solution for you. The deposit interest rate of a savings account may be a fixed rate or a variable rate tied to a specific reference rate. Just as the interest rates of loans, the deposit interest rates of savings accounts are determined based on market performance. The interest you get on your deposit usually depends on the deposit period, amount and the account terms and conditions. More information is available on our product pages where you can see the deposit interest rate and terms and conditions of each account.

We offer four types of savings accounts

  1. ASP account – when you want to save money for your first home
  2. FlexiDeposit Account – when you want a flexible savings account that allows you to earn interest
  3. PerkAccount – when you want to build up a rainy day fund
  4. Time Deposit Account – when you have a fixed savings period and deposit amount in mind

When to open a savings account

  • We recommend opening a savings account if you have a short-term savings goal in mind or you want to build up a rainy day fund.
  • Savings accounts are a safe choice because you know how much money you’ll have in your account at the end of the deposit period.
  • Visit our product pages to see the deposit interest rates our savings accounts offer.
  • If you have a longer-term approach to saving, you could also consider saving in funds. Read more about saving in funds.

Interest on savings accounts

The interest we pay on your savings depends on the type of your account. When you’re opening an account in Nordea Netbank, you can find the interest details on the Services tab. First, you should ensure that you have enough cash in your accounts to cover your expenses for the next couple of months and to buffer for any unexpected expenses. We also recommend that you start saving in investment funds each month. Cash in a savings account gives you security, but if you invest your savings correctly, they can also accrue a return for you and grow your wealth over time.