Good financial skills will help you plan your finances

The ability to plan your spending and other financial skills will bring you peace of mind. They will help you balance your finances and save money when you can afford it. With balanced finances, you can plan for your future with confidence and rely on your savings when you need to.

Hone your spending and financial skills and start dreaming of a wealthier future!

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Add flexibility to your life

Small adjustments, like moving an invoice due date to your pay day, can make it easier for you to manage your day-to-day finances. It’s also worth preparing for unexpected expenses by keeping a few months’ income on the side, just in case.

Use the flexible features of your credit cards and FlexiCredit when your everyday finances are stretched. You can choose two instalment-free months a year or change the percentage of the monthly instalment on your credit card. You can easily apply these changes yourself in Netbank or Nordea Mobile.

By adding the FlexiPayment feature to your home loan, you can decrease or increase your next loan instalment or take an instalment-free month without having to contact us. What’s more, you can do this free of charge through Nordea Mobile or Netbank as soon as you see the next instalment on your list of payments falling due.

If you wish to make other changes to your repayment schedule, you can apply for a payment holiday of up to one year, during which you will only pay interest and expenses on your home loan.

Struggling with financial woes? We’re here to help

If you can’t find the right solutions to your financial challenges under the “Add flexibility to your life” section, you can contact us for advice. Our experts will help you in matters related to finance on weekdays at 8.00–18.00. You can also ask general questions anonymously and without online banking codes on Nordea’s Facebook, Instagram, Jodel and Twitter pages and through the chat on our website.

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Let’s all do our bit towards society

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Promoting entrepreneurship and financial skills is at the core of Nordea’s community engagement activities. Every year, our employees have the opportunity to spend two paid working days participating in collaboration projects for promoting financial skills in our society. We help more than 190,000 children, young persons, adults and senior citizens every year.

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