Financial skills help you thrive in life

Money is present in our lives from the weekly allowance we receive as children and our first salary all the way to our golden retirement years. In between, it can help us achieve our dreams and live comfortably or cause sleepless nights. On this page, you can test your financial acumen and find tips for handling your personal finances. We will tell you about the importance of saving and how to add flexibility to your personal finances. You will also find advice on what to do if you’re struggling with financial woes.

Good financial skills will help you plan your finances

The ability to plan your spending and other financial skills will bring you peace of mind. They will help you balance your finances or save when you can afford it. You will also know how to use your savings when necessary. With balanced finances you can plan for your future with confidence. 

Hone your spending and financial skills and start dreaming of a wealthier future!

Manage your money in 30 minutes

In order to make ends meet, you need to keep track of your income and expenses. When you go through your spending, you may also notice you have some unnecessary expenses. Cutting your expenses helps you to save and reach your future goals.

  1. Make a 10-minute budget.
  2. Watch the video (in Finnish) in which Pinkku Pinsku shares her ideas about budgeting
  3. Start using a budget template, eg.

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How to make ends meet

When you start planning your finances, you should first examine how you currently spend money. If you recognise different situations and emotions, you can positively impact the way you use money.

See the video (in Finnish) with Pinkku Pinsku and think about your relationship to money:

  1. Do I often make impulse purchases?
  2. Am I able to put money aside?
  3. How do I feel when I think about money?

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To buy or not to buy – the psychology of spending

How do our brains try to deceive us when we’re deciding what to buy? How does psychological pricing influence our shopping behaviour and how do we avoid the siren songs of seemingly “cheap” prices? 

Check the tips from Economist Olli Kärkkäinen on the video (in Finnish) and keep yourself disciplined when you’re suddenly itching to shop.

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Saving gives you peace of mind

Many of us save to build a financial buffer or when we're dreaming of buying something valuable.

The sooner you start saving, the faster you will reach your goal. The most important thing is that you don't postpone the decision to start. In the short term, you can save money in your account, but in the long term you should consider more profitable options.

Over a number of years, your savings will accrue compound interest. For instance, the capital you invest will double in about 15 years if the return on your investment is five per cent. Try it our yourself and see how your savings will grow.

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Miten saada lisätuloja?

Tunnistamalla omat vahvuudet, seuraamalla omaa intohimoa ja asettamalla tavoitteita voi saavuttaa lähes mitä vain. Sivutoimisena yrittäjänä voit ansaita harrastuksellasi tuloja. Eikä tarvitse olla ensimmäinen, paras tai ainut, jotta yrityksesi voi menestyä – riittää, että olet paras juuri sinun asiakkaillesi.

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Add flexibility to your life

Small adjustments, like moving an invoice due date to your pay day, can make it easier for you to manage your day-to-day finances. It’s also worth preparing for unexpected expenses by keeping a few months’ income on the side, just in case.

Use the flexible features of your credit cards and FlexiCredit when your everyday finances are stretched. You can choose two instalment-free months a year or change the percentage of the monthly instalment on your credit card. You can easily apply these changes yourself in Netbank or Nordea Mobile.

By adding the FlexiPayment feature to your home loan, you can decrease or increase your next loan instalment or take an instalment-free month without having to contact us. What’s more, you can do this free of charge through Nordea Mobile or Netbank as soon as you see the next instalment on your list of payments falling due.

If you wish to make other changes to your repayment schedule, you can apply for a payment holiday of up to one year, during which you will only pay interest and expenses on your home loan.

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Struggling with financial woes? We’re here to help

If you can’t find the right solutions to your financial challenges under the “Add flexibility to your life” section, please contact Nordea Customer Service. Our experts will help you in matters related to finance on weekdays at 8.00-20.00. You can also ask general questions anonymously and without online banking codes on Nordea’s Facebook, Instagram, Jodel and Twitter pages and through the chat on our website.

You can leave us a request to contact you concerning MyLife insurance and If insurance policies.

Read about three common financial skills mistakes and how to avoid them. 

Let’s all do our bit towards society

Promoting entrepreneurship and financial skills is at the core of Nordea’s community engagement activities. Every year, our employees have the opportunity to spend two paid working days participating in collaboration projects for promoting financial skills in our society. We help more than 100,000 children, young persons, adults and senior citizens every year.