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*How to select a rate of return

Our compound interest calculator helps you see how much return you could expect on your investment.

  • If you have a very cautious approach to investing, you can expect a rate of return that is less than 1%. Current accounts and savings accounts, for instance, pay little to no interest.
  • If you are a medium-risk investor and invest in balanced funds, for example, your rate of return could be up to 2–4%
  • If you are a high-risk investor trading in equities, your rate of return could be above 4%.

You can mitigate your risks by diversifying your savings or investments. We recommend that you do this by investing in different asset classes, such as equities and fixed-income securities, as well as in various industries, countries and regions.

*Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will reach the rate of return shown in the savings calculator even if you follow the corresponding investment strategy. The savings calculator is meant to illustrate the returns you could gain depending on the amounts, savings period and rate of return you select. The value of and/or the return on your fund units, equities and other investment or savings products may increase or decrease with market movements and it is not certain that you will get back the entire amount you invested.

How does the investment calculator work?

  • Starting balance: Enter the amount you plan to deposit in the savings account initially.
  • Monthly saving: Enter the amount you will deposit on an ongoing monthly basis. It's an optional field.
  • Time: Choose the period of time your money will be in savings without a withdrawal. You can select a number of years or months.
  • Return expectation: Choose a return expectation. The return expectations are less than one per cent for extremely safe investments and 2-4 per cent for average risk investments. In case of higher risks, such as when investing in shares, you can expect a return of over 4 per cent. All estimates are long-term revenue expectations.