Online and mobile services

Pay safely from phone to phone.

Code app

With the Nordea Code app you can log in to Netbank and Mobile Bank, securely pay for your online shopping and identify yourself when contacting Nordea Customer Service.

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Nordea Wallet

With the Nordea Wallet app (Android and iOS) you can pay your purchases with your smart phone as contactless payments around the world (Android). You can also monitor your card transactions.

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Now you can forget long account numbers and cash when you are paying movie tickets to a friend or your purchases on an online flea market. Payments are transmitted securely in real time between Siirto users.

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Mobile Bank

With Mobile Bank you do your daily banking safely and easily wherever you are. The app functions with iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Windows phones.

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Netbank allows you to do much more than just check your balance and pay bills. You can access Netbank wherever you can go online and the service is available 24 hours a day.

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Access codes

With Access Codes you can take care of banking regardless of time and place. You can also sign agreements and identify yourself in other service providers' services.

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