How to assist your close relatives with their banking

You may have close relatives that depend on your support to manage their day-to-day banking. On this page, we will tell more about age-friendly ways of banking that are well-suited to older customers or those in need of special assistance. Read our tips on how to pay for purchases, get cash and bank from home.

Many ways to pay

A debit card is a secure and handy way to pay for everyday purchases. You can use the card’s security features to set daily limits for cash withdrawals and payments according to the needs of your close relative, for example. It is good to keep in mind that all cards are for personal use only and the PIN should never be shared with others. 

Contactless payments are an easy way to pay for purchases by simply holding your card close to the payment terminal. This way you don’t have to insert the card into the terminal’s slot or enter the PIN. Contactless payments make shopping easier and ensure that your PIN doesn’t fall into the hands of a third party. The maximum limit for contactless card payments is 50 euros. The contactless payment feature is automatically included in all new and renewed Mastercards and Visa cards issued by Nordea. 

Cash is used less and less these days, although being able to easily access cash is still a service especially older people are accustomed to. Nordea customers can withdraw cash from branches and ATMs as well as K stores, Tokmanni stores and R-kioskis in connection with card purchases. 

It’s also possible to order cash to your preferred Posti service point. By using this service, you can get cash safely also in areas where there are no branches nearby or the local branch doesn’t offer cash services. 

Read more about ordering cash by post. Opens new window

Paying your bills 

In addition to visiting a local branch or using a payment ATM or Netbank to pay bills, Nordea’s payment service is also a good way for many older customers to make sure their bills are paid on time. You can drop off bills to a Posti mailbox in a payment service envelope. They will be delivered to the bank to be paid on the due date. If your close relative needs help with ordering payment service envelopes, you can place an order on their behalf via our chat or by calling our Customer Service, tel. 0200 70 000 (local rates apply).

If your close relative is using Netbank, they can choose to receive bills as electronic invoices (e-invoices) which they can confirm directly in their Netbank. In Nordea’s mobile banking app, it’s also possible to use the camera on your smartphone to read the bar codes on bills. This way you don’t have to worry about typing errors, as you won’t have to enter the payment details in the app yourself. 

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Our telephone service and advisers are on hand to help with almost all banking matters

You can reach our helpful advisers from the convenience and comfort of your home. We can assist customers with specific banking matters when they authenticate their identity with their online banking codes on the phone. This is why we recommend activating online banking codes for older customers, too, even if they don’t use them for online banking. Encouragement and support from family are often important. You can practice calling our Customer Service number together, for example,

Some customers may find it challenging to key in the online banking codes into their phone. For customers who don’t have online banking codes, we can of course provide general advice in our telephone service. When you call our Customer Service and are asked to provide your online banking codes, simply wait on the line until your call is placed in the queue. 

If your close relative is familiar with our mobile banking app, they can use it to call our Customer Service. In this case their identity has already been authenticated. If they have activated fingerprint recognition in the app, they can skip entering their online banking codes altogether.