The easiest way to bank is online

Whether you prefer to call us or use Nordea Mobile and Netbank, we make it easy for you to bank with Nordea. Some topics may require you to book a meeting in branch. Our branches across Finland serve customers by appointment only to ensure safe banking for everyone. Cashier services are available at selected branches as usual.

Telephone, online and mobile banking made easy

Nordea offers you the longest opening hours in the banking sector, as you can do most of your banking by calling our full-service branch, Nordea Customer Service, tel. 0200 3000 (service in Finnish, local rates apply). Our Customer Service will also help you find the best way to do your banking. 

If you want to book a meeting with us, we recommend online meetings, which are particularly convenient for discussing your loans or savings. During or after an online meeting, you can sign agreements through our digital signing service. Read more about online meetings. 

Read more about online meetings

Need support to use digital services?

If you feel like you need help and encouragement to use digital services, take a look at our support pages. 

If you are unable to use our digital services, read our brochure on how to handle your banking safely and conveniently (PDF, 557 KB) . The brochure is available in Finnish and Swedish:

If you have older relatives or other family members in need of special support, read our tips on how to assist others with their banking

Topics for which you need to book a meeting in branch

  • Opening of online services (online banking codes and e-identification)
  • Safety deposit box
  • Becoming a Nordea customer. If you have the access codes of any other Finnish bank, you can become a Nordea customer through our “Become a customer” online service.
  • Urgent estate-related matters and those requiring only brief handling (paying bills, ordering balance statements and delivering documents for the establishment of the parties to the estate)
  • Document deliveries (for example, in relation to housing trades). 

Find the opening hours of your nearest branch and the services available there by searching our locations. Opens new window(in Finnish)

If you need to withdraw cash

Cash can be withdrawn from our branches offering cashier services as well as at Otto ATMs, R-kioskis and the checkouts at K stores and Tokmanni stores. In addition, you can order cash by post to your preferred Posti service point. 

Find the opening hours of your nearest branch offering cashier services by searching our locations. Search for branches and ATMs.Opens new window(in Finnish) 

Our cashier services are busy at the beginning of each month because pensions and Kela subsidies are paid at this time. For this reason, we recommend avoiding visits to our branches offering cashier services during the first days of the month.

How to withdraw cash at R-Kioskis and the checkouts at K stores and Tokmanni stores 

How to order cash by post to your preferred Posti service point