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Be prepared when you find the right home. And did you know that you can apply for changes in your housing loan easily online?

Housing loan

Nordea will give you an affordable housing loan that suits your needs. Get a loan promise beforehand, so you can make a bid right away when you find the home of your choice.

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Green housing loan

You can get a green housing loan and its valuable benefits from Nordea. You can get a green housing loan if you live in an eco-friendly home or are buying such a home.

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Loan promise

A loan promise negotiated with the bank will help you buy your new home. A loan promise in your pocket makes home hunting easier.

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ASP loan

Save at least 10% of the price of your home, we will lend you the rest.

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Is your housing company planning a plumbing renovation or other repairs? HomeFlex will free up your home equity so that you can realise your dreams.

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When you choose to have an instalment-free period for your housing loan with FlexiPayment, you can decrease or increase the monthly instalments on your loan – or even skip them without notifying us.

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Take housing company’s loan in your own name

By taking out a personal loan from Nordea for paying off your share of the housing company loan, you can decide on a loan repayment schedule that best suits your situation.

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An OwnGuarantee helps you to acquire a home with a small start capital

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Repayment methods

There are three different methods for repaying a housing loan: equal payments, equal instalments and fixed equal payments.

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Security secures the repayment of a loan to the bank. The standard security value is 75% of the value of the home.

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Interest rate hedging makes life secure

You should consider securing the repayment of your loan already when you are applying for it. Interest rate hedging makes life secure.

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Book a loan negotiation online or in branch

You can apply for a housing loan by booking a loan negotiation with one of our financial advisers. The negotiation can be arranged in branch or as on online meeting.

You can have the loan negotiation online on weekdays from 8.00 to 20.00 and on Saturdays from 10.00 to 16.00. All you will need is a telephone, a computer or an iPad and Nordea's access codes.

You will be shown related material and calculations on your computer screen, while you are discussing your banking on the phone.

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