5 things to consider before you apply:

  1. Define your goal: are you looking to rent out the flat for a longer period of time or will it be a short-term investment?
  2. Work out the potential rental income and costs, including any unexpected costs and planned renovation works in the building. There are many calculators online which can help you with this..
  3. Assess the impact of property investment on your personal finances – make sure you can afford the self-financing share and have a savings buffer in place.  Read more about the loan cap and how to hedge your loan against unexpected events and rising interest rates. 
  4. Learn about the risks. It’s important to fully understand the risks related to property investment, including how you will be able to cope financially if the rent is not paid or if the flat sits empty.
  5. Before committing to buying to let, you need to have a realistic view of the prices of flats and the rental market. Seek out data and look into the flats and amenities available in the area as well as how prices have evolved.

Frequently asked questions about buy-to-let home loans

Collateral for a home loan

You often need to have savings and collateral to borrow money for an investment flat. You can use your other assets as collateral or purchase an OwnGuarantee from Nordea.

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Interest rate hedging

You should already consider securing the repayment of your loan when you are applying for it. Lock in your monthly payment with interest rate hedging.

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The best time to start saving is today. Discover different ways to save and invest and get started.

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Protect yourself from the unexpected

How will you manage your home loan if life throws you an unexpected challenge? Secure your loan repayments and your family’s finances with life insurance.

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Apply for a buy-to-let home loan online

Filling out and sending the loan application does not oblige you to take out a loan from Nordea.

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