Our customers are mainly domiciled in the Nordic countries

Banking and financial services are heavily regulated across the world. Nordea’s products and services are designed to suit residents in the Nordic countries in particular and to comply with the Nordic regulations and taxation. Hence our full service selection is available to you when your country of residence is Finland, Sweden, Denmark or Norway.

As a resident in one of the EEA countries, you have access to Nordea’s comprehensive basic banking services. If you are a non-EEA resident, you will need a specific reason for becoming our customer.

As you are already our customer, you will not have to contact us for your place of residence, but we will update your customer information in connection with your other banking or otherwise at regular intervals and contact you as necessary.

If you reside in the EEA

If you reside in one of the EEA countries, the following basic banking services are available to you: a current account, a Nordea Electron card, our Netbank service and Nordea Codes app or a code calculator. You can also have access to other services on the basis of our overall consideration.

If you reside outside the EEA 

If you are our customer and reside outside the EEA, we will go through your overall situation in connection with your banking or while updating your customer information. We will contact you if we need more information.

In certain circumstances, we can open a customer relationship for a customer not residing in the EEA on the basis of their overall situation.

In our decision-making, we will take into account the customer’s temporary stay abroad due to work or studies, a salary or pension paid from Finland and a strong connection to Finland; however, owning property in Finland is not by itself a sufficient basis for a customer relationship.

If there are sufficient grounds for a customer relationship, the basic banking services and other services will be chosen for the customer on the basis of our overall consideration.