Consolidation of debt

If you have taken out consumer credit from several financial institutions, you can now combine all of your loans into one with Nordea’s debt consolidation loan. This can save you money, as you only pay interest and costs on a single loan. Our debt consolidation loans are available to all Nordea customers.

Consolidation of debt pays off

Whether you have consumer credit, hire purchase or credit card debt, our debt consolidation loan helps you get rid of multiple loans. Combining your loans allows you to save on loan servicing costs.

  • Your repayment costs are often lower if you repay one larger loan instead of several smaller loans.
  • Your total loan costs may be significantly lower.
  • You don’t have to pay account management fees for each loan separately.
  • Staying on top of your finances is easier when you only have one loan, due date and interest rate to keep track of.
  • Tip: Put the money you save from debt consolidation into regular monthly saving!

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Debt consolidation - FAQ

What is the eligibility criteria for a debt consolidation loan?

Nordea's debt consolidation may suit you if:

  • You are a Nordea customer.
  • You are permanently employed or retired.
  • You have one or more small loans totaling a maximum of 50,000 euros.
  • You have no registered payment defaults.
How does debt consolidation work at Nordea?

Combining multiple small loans or consumer credit debts into one larger loan can reduce the cost of your loans. If you are interested in Nordea’s debt consolidation loan, all you need to do is fill in a contact request. We will contact you on the next working day at the latest to discuss the next steps.

Is it a good idea to get a debt consolidation loan?

If you have taken out several small loans, you are paying loan-related costs individually for each one of them. Sometimes the interest rate on consumer credit or small loans can also be very high. By combining your loans into one larger loan, you can save costs and keep track of your finances more easily.

Nordea’s debt consolidation loan enables to you to repay your old loans and only pay interest and costs on the new loan in accordance with our valid tariff.

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With our new debt consolidation service, we want to offer our customers an opportunity to move all their loans into one bank to get a better overview of their finances and save money.

Combine your loans and get a better overview of your finances

Managing one loan is not only cheaper but also easier. With all of your debt in one place, you only have one due date and loan to keep track of. And you can do this easily through Nordea’s mobile services.

Save money by consolidating your consumer credit debts

Having a single loan instead of multiple smaller loans reduces your costs. And you can start putting the money you save aside for regular monthly savings, for example!

Would you like to consolidate your debts and save on loan costs?

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