SEPA direct debit

SEPA direct debit makes it possible to order and pay for services across Europe.

SEPA direct debit is a service you can use for euro-dominated bills throughout the SEPA.

Use of the SEPA direct debit service requires that you have concluded a service agreement with Nordea, which is easy to make in Netbank. Give the direct debit authorisation to your invoicer.

Your benefits:

  • An easy way to pay your recurring cross-border bills in time and with correct details.
  • With one euro account you can order and pay for services from both domestic and foreign companies.
  • The same rules apply to all transactions: all parties (both the invoicer and the payer) must comply with the same rules in all transactions.
  • Extended consumer rights.

Differences compared with national direct debit

  • You must always give the authorisation to the invoicer, not to the bank.
  • The payer's bank does not know whether an authorisation exists or whether the party that has given it is entitled to use the account.
  • The invoicer is responsible for ensuring that the authorisations are up to date.
  • The invoicer cannot verify whether the account number given in the authorisation is correct or whether the party that has given the authorisation has the right to use the account.
  • You can also make a single direct debit.
  • The payer is entitled to have a direct debit payment returned 
    • cancellation of a direct debit request in Netbank before the due date
    • refund of a payment after 8 weeks from the debit with a "money back" guarantee
  • Enables cross-border direct debit in Europe.

The customer must have a valid service agreement with Nordea which he or she has opened through Netbank before the first debit. The debit is made only once on the due date; if there is not enough cover, the payment will be rejected and the customer will receive a notice of insufficient cover in Netbank. 

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Please read the terms and conditions of the service before making the agreement and starting to use the service.

General terms and conditions for SEPA Direct Debit (pdf, 192 KB)Opens new window