TUOHI Mastercard

The unique PriceGuard Insurance included in TUOHI Mastercards guarantees you the most affordable price on the market. You can apply for this card in Nordea Wallet as well.

TUOHI Mastercard – added flexibility

You can pay your purchases in instalments and transfer cash from the credit facility to your bank account. 

TUOHI Mastercard includes the free PriceGuard Insurance which, in accordance with its terms and conditions, will compensate for the difference if you purchase a product at a higher price compared to the price at which the same item is sold somewhere else in Finland within 30 days of your purchase. 

The insurance covers any purchases made on your TUOHI Mastercard except where the Nordea TUOHI Mastercard is issued in conjunction with the first purchase at a store, that first purchase made in conjunction with the application and issuance of the Nordea TUOHI Mastercard will not be covered from the PriceGuard Insurance.

TUOHI Mastercard in brief

  • The credit limit is 2,000–10,000 euros.
  • The interest rate is the 3-month Euribor + 14%.
  • You will get an interest-free payment period of 30 days on average for all your purchases. 
  • No opening or annual fee, and the account management fee of 5 euros is only charged when you have an outstanding credit balance.
  • You are entitled to two instalment-free months a year.

How to apply for a card

You can apply for this card in Nordea Wallet, on Nordea Finance’s online application and at the shops of our cooperation partners. A TUOHI Mastercard can be applied for by a person who has turned 18 and has

  • regular income
  • a good payment history
  • a clean credit record.

You can apply for a card even if you are not a Nordea customer.

Choose the payment method you prefer

With the contactless payment feature you can pay your purchases of less than 50 euros securely, without having to touch the payment terminal. 

You can also pay your purchases exceeding 50 euros without touching the payment terminal if you attach a mobile payment app to your card and pay the purchases by holding your smartphone or smartwatch close to the payment terminal. 

You can withdraw cash all over the world at ATMs carrying the Mastercard logo. 

When your card has the debit feature, you can pay for purchases and withdraw cash directly from your bank account in Finland and worldwide.

Flexibility for your finances

You can pay your purchases in instalments and transfer cash from the credit facility to your bank account. 

Your credit card transactions will be included in an invoice that you will receive monthly. You can choose the due date of the invoice and the repayment amount (minimum instalment percentage). You only pay interest on the amount of credit left unpaid after the due date. 

Keep up-to-date with your credit card transactions by using Nordea Mobile or Nordea Netbank. If you don’t have online banking codes from Nordea, you can use the OmaLuotto service (nordearahoitus.fi/omaluotto) to follow your available balance and to transfer cash from the credit facility to your bank account. 

Card usage

How do I start using Nordea Wallet?

Nordea Wallet is an app which brings together all purchases made with your Nordea cards. You can start using the app when you have a Nordea card and the Nordea Codes app. You can download Nordea Wallet on the newest iOS and Android phones.

With Nordea Wallet you can easily track your card purchases and see them divided into different categories, such as food and home.

Read more about Nordea Wallet

What does the 30-day interest-free payment period mean in credit cards?

The interest-free payment period is in practice a free loan for at least 30 days.  

Example: buying a vacuum cleaner

The due date of the credit card bill is the 15th of each month and the billing period is from 25 March to 26 April. We recommend that you choose the date on which you receive regular income as the due date to make it easy for you to pay the bill when you have money available. 

1 April You buy a vacuum cleaner.

15 April Due date of the credit card bill, on which you pay the bill for the previous billing period (March).

26 April Billing period changes. Any purchases made after this date will be billed in June.

15 May Due date for purchases made in April, including the vacuum cleaner in this case.

If you had bought the vacuum cleaner on 26 April, you would still pay it on 15 May. If you had bought the vacuum cleaner on 27 April, the due date would be 15 June instead. You can optimise the billing period of your credit card bill and make it as long as possible. You can have an interest-free payment period of as long as 45 days if you buy the vacuum cleaner on 27 April. 

Frequently asked questions about payment and credit cards

Frequently asked questions about payment and credit cards

Credit interest

Credit interest

TUOHI Mastercard is an international charge and credit card. The annual percentage rate of charge on 1,500 euros of outstanding credit is 27.7% and the price of credit is 1,708 euros, when the nominal interest is the 3-month Euribor (November 2020) + 14% and the monthly account management fee of 5 euros and the paper invoice fee of 3 euros have been taken into account. TUOHI Mastercard is a continuous credit facility which is valid until further notice, with a credit limit of 2,000–10,000 euros. The credit is granted by Nordea Finance Finland Ltd, Aleksis Kiven katu 9, Helsinki.

Prices for cards issued before 1 September 2019
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