Pay on the go with Samsung Pay

Use Samsung Pay for everyday purchases in physical stores – you only need to tap your smartphone or smartwatch. You can also use Samsung Pay to pay for your online shopping.

  • Easy to use: You can simply leave your physical payment cards at home and pay for your purchases with your phone or watch anywhere you go – in stores, restaurants and public transportation.
  • Quick: Just tap your Samsung smart device on the payment terminal in a store and pay for your purchases with Samsung Pay. You can also make contactless payments exceeding 50 euros with your phone.
  • Safe: Samsung Pay is safe, and your card details will be kept secure. Samsung Pay applies the geographical restrictions and daily security limits you have set in Nordea’s online service.

It’s easy to start using Samsung Pay

  1. Open the Samsung Wallet app on your smartphone. The app is often pre-installed on Samsung phones.
  2. Follow the instructions of the Samsung Wallet app.
  3. Add a Nordea card to the app. You can enter the card number to Samsung Wallet either manually or use the camera on your smartphone. If you use the camera, the card number and validity will be entered in the app automatically. You must enter the CVC code manually; you will find it on the reverse side of your card.
  4. Open the Nordea Mobile app and select your card. Then under Settings, select ‘Manage devices’ and confirm with the Nordea ID app that you want to use your card with Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay with corporate cards

You can activate your Business Visa Debit for Samsung Pay in the Nordea Mobile app if you are Nordea’s personal customer. In other cases, you can do it by calling Nordea Business Centre.

If you have Nordea First Card or Nordea Business Mastercard, please call our customer service for corporate cards to activate your card for Samsung Pay.

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You can add one or more cards to Samsung Pay

You can add both Nordea consumer and corporate cards to Samsung Pay. Here are some of the Nordea cards that can be added to Samsung Pay:

Our most popular card

Nordea Gold Mastercard

Nordea Gold is a versatile credit card which includes travel insurance and Product Safety Insurance.

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Nordea Debit

With the Nordea Debit card you can have your purchases charged directly to your bank account. You can use your Nordea Debit card both in Finland and abroad.

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See all Nordea credit cards

We have Mastercard credit cards for every need. Most of our cards are combination cards that give you the flexibility to charge your purchases either to your credit facility (credit) or bank account (debit).

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How do I pay with Samsung Pay?

How to pay in store:

  1. Open the Samsung Wallet app on your smartphone. If you have enabled Quick access, you only need to swipe up from the bottom of the Home screen to see your default payment card.
  2. Hold your device near the payment terminal in the store.
  3. Confirm the payment with your smartphone using your PIN or biometric authentication (such as your fingerprint).
  4. The payment terminal signals whether your payment was successful. For a successful purchase, you will receive a receipt as with any other payment method.

How to pay online:

  1. Select Samsung Pay as the payment method in the online shop or app.
  2. Confirm the payment with the PIN you have created or with biometric authentication.

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