Debit cards

Nordea Debit and Nordea Electron cards allow you to withdraw cash and make purchases that will be deducted directly from your bank account. Nordea’s Visa debit cards are the easy way to withdraw cash and pay for your purchases in Finland and abroad.

Nordea’s Visa debit cards are an excellent choice for customers of all ages

Get a reliable and easy-to-use Visa debit card from Nordea. Debit cards are different from credit cards in that they do not have a credit facility. Nordea offers two debit card options with slightly different features. 

Both Nordea Debit and Nordea Electron cards deduct all card transactions directly from the account linked to the card. When you pay or withdraw cash with your Nordea Electron debit card, the available balance on your bank account is always checked. The corresponding pre-authorised amount will be held temporarily from the available balance for up to 10 days until the transaction is debited to your account.

Nordea Debit

You will no longer need any cash if you have Nordea Visa Debit in your wallet. You can pay your purchases in Finland and abroad securely directly from your bank account – just by showing your card to the payment terminal. However, if you need to withdraw cash, you can use your card to do so at ATMs – also abroad.

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Nordea Electron

Nordea Visa Electron is an easy and secure debit card and it also suits the children in the family. Your purchases will be debited to your bank account directly when you pay for them with this card. Nordea Electron is a secure payment alternative to cash.

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Use your debit card to shop with confidence at home, abroad and online

The Visa debit cards offered by Nordea are payment cards you can trust. Visa is one of the world’s largest credit card companies, with more than 2 billion cards issued worldwide. 

When you have a Nordea Visa debit card, you can shop safely by setting daily security limits for cash withdrawals and payments and geographical restrictions on the use of your card or by blocking your card temporarily, for example. You can easily change these settings in mobile bank or Netbank. 

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