Debit cards

Nordea’s debit cards allow you to pay for purchases and withdraw cash directly from your bank account. Our Nordea Visa Debit card is suitable as a first payment card for your child or as the payment card linked to your family’s joint account. For adults, we recommend applying for a Nordea Mastercard combination card, which includes a credit facility in addition to the debit card.

A debit card is great for paying your family’s daily expenses

Debit cards are linked to a bank account from which all purchases and cash withdrawals are debited directly. You can link your debit card to your personal current account or to a joint account you hold with your spouse. A child’s debit card can be linked to the child’s personal bank account.

With our secure Nordea Visa Debit card you can conveniently pay for your daily spending. Debit cards do not include a credit facility.

Debit card

A Nordea Debit card is suitable for:

  • Minors as their first payment card
  • Families using a joint account for shared expenses
  • Adults as a second payment card

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Order a new debit card easily online

If you’re ordering a card for your child, read the more detailed instructions here.

Looking to order a new debit card to replace your old one?

If your current debit card is broken, you can order a new card:

  • In Netbank: Go to Finances > Cards. Select the card you want to renew and click on ‘Renew card’. Please note that you will be charged a fee set in our tariff for renewing your card.

If your card is about to expire, we will send you a new card to your home address before the old one expires. You can continue to use your old card until the end of the month stated on the card. The new card will have the same PIN as the old one.

Nordea Visa Electron users should note

New Nordea Visa Electron cards have not been issued since 13 April 2021. We are gradually replacing current Nordea Visa Electron cards with Nordea Visa Debit cards as the old cards expire.  The Visa Debit card comes with the same features as Visa Electron. If you have a Visa Electron card, you don’t need to do anything – you will receive a new Nordea Debit card by post when your card is about to expire.

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Did you know that a combination card adds flexibility and protection to your purchases?

A combination card includes a debit card and a credit card in the same package. You can use the combination card like you would a debit card and pay for your daily purchases directly from your bank account using the card’s debit side. When you’re making larger purchases or booking a trip abroad, you can take advantage of the card’s credit facility.

Three good reasons to pay with the card’s credit facility:

  1. You get a 30-day interest-free payment period on average for your purchases with no extra charges. If you pay off your credit balance in full before the due date on your invoice, you won’t be charged any extra for using your credit card.
  2. By paying with a credit card, your purchases are protected under the Finnish Consumer Protection Act, which can come in handy in certain situations.
  3. You get our useful credit card insurance. For example, Nordea Gold provides you with travel insurance for trips abroad and Product Safety Insurance when you pay for your purchases with the card’s credit facility.

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Combination card

A Nordea Gold combination card is suitable for:

  • Adults as a versatile payment card
  • Daily shopping and paying when travelling

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