Did you know that your credit card purchases are protected under the Consumer Protection Act?

When you pay with the credit facility of your card, your card issuer is jointly liable with the seller if the item purchased doesn’t correspond to what was agreed. This means you may be able to claim a refund from your card issuer if:

  • your order didn’t arrive or a service you paid for was not provided
  • an item you bought has a defect for which the seller is liable but the seller refuses to refund your purchase
  • the seller or service provider has filed for bankruptcy.

You won’t be refunded twice for the same purchase, so if you have received a refund from the seller already, you can’t make a claim from your card issuer.

Don’t forget your credit card insurance

Did you know that many credit cards include complimentary insurance? For example, with Nordea Gold you get insurance cover for trips abroad and items you buy for your home when you pay for your purchase with the credit facility.

What to do if something goes wrong with your credit card purchase

First contact the seller or service provider. If you can’t settle the issue with them, raise a transaction dispute with Nordea:

  1. First check that you have paid for your purchase with the credit facility of your card.
  2. Detail in your dispute what has happened, what you are claiming for and on what grounds. Include your original order confirmation and, if possible, evidence of your communication with the seller as attachments.


  • If you have already paid your credit card invoice, you can claim back the amount your dispute relates to. 
  • If you haven’t paid your credit card invoice yet, you can leave the amount your dispute relates to unpaid until your dispute has been processed. If your dispute only relates to a part of the invoice, please pay the rest of the invoice by the due date.

Once you have raised your dispute, we will review it and determine whether your claim can be resolved successfully. We will let you know when we start processing your claim (usually within 10 days). We will contact you if we need more information from you.

Frequently asked questions about card transaction disputes

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