What is a rental security deposit account?

The rental security deposit account is in essence a PerkAccount. It’s a safe account that is covered by the deposit guarantee scheme.

  • If you’re a tenant, you can open the account online or through Nordea Customer Service.
  • You will place the rental security deposit you have agreed with your landlord in the account. The deposit will be pledged as collateral for the obligations in your lease. 
  • You will get a certificate of pledge, which you need to present to your landlord to prove that you have opened the account and made the rental security deposit.

We will also give you a certificate waiving our right of set-off, which means that we won’t use the funds in the account to cover our receivables (if any).

The landlord has the right to withdraw all or part of the funds in the account.

When your lease ends and you have fulfilled all your obligations towards your landlord, the landlord must let us know that they have released the pledge. You can then use the account freely, unless the landlord has closed it.

You can open a rental security deposit account online if:

  • you are at least 18 years old
  • the amount to be deposited in the account, meaning the rental security deposit and our service fee (40,00 €), can be debited from one of your Nordea accounts immediately
  • you know the name, birth date and telephone number of your landlord
  • you know the full address of the home you will rent.

Note! You will be the only account holder for the rental security deposit account.

Interest rate and taxation

Determination of interest

PerkAccount's deposit interest is fixed. Visit our PerkAccount page to find more information about the account's interest rate.  

Calculation method and payment of interest

Interest is calculated on the daily balance according to actual calendar days. Deposit interest and possible interest paid instead of deposit interest, are paid to the account annually at the end of the calendar year.


In Finland, the deposit interest paid on accounts is subject to tax-at-source.