Rental security deposit account

You can open a rental security deposit account when you are renting a flat. A rental security deposit account is a safe alternative for providing a security deposit to your landlord.

Benefits and features

  • We will open a PerkAccount for you as a rent deposit account. 
  • The account is covered by the deposit guarantee.

A Pledge undertaking will be prepared for the rental security deposit account

  • Submitting a rental security deposit is based on an agreement between the tenant, the landloard and the bank.
  • The tenant may not withdraw any funds from the rental security deposit account during the validity of pledge.
  • To cover obligations arising from the lease agreement, the landlord may withdraw a part or all of the funds pledged in the rental security deposit account without the bank's or the tenant's consent.
  • The pledge will expire once the landlord has returned his copy of the pledging agreement, at which point the funds will made accessible to the account holder.

Interest rate and taxation

Determination of interest

PerkAccount's deposit interest is fixed. Visit our PerkAccount page to find more information about the account's interest rate.  

Calculation method and payment of interest

Interest is calculated on the daily balance according to actual calendar days. Deposit interest and possible interest paid instead of deposit interest, are paid to the account annually at the end of the calendar year.


In Finland, the deposit interest paid on accounts is subject to tax-at-source.


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