Secure your living if your income decreases permanently

  • Permanent disability cover will help you compensate for your lost income. You are entitled to one-off indemnity for the permanent loss of your ability to work due to an illness or accident. 
  • The additional cover is especially important when your family’s livelihood depends on your income, if you have children or if you manage your finances alone. 
  • Acquiring an insurance policy is easy. You can manage the process from beginning to end online.

  • You can choose the amount of the indemnity. When bought online, the amount may be EUR 10 000 –300 000. 
  • You may apply for permanent disability insurance if you are aged 18–63 and reside permanently in Finland. 

Take out personal insurance now and enjoy Nordea’s customer benefits. 

  • Earn rewards for exercising! Get active and increase your insurance cover by up to 25%. You won’t find this unique well-being benefit anywhere else – and it’s free of charge.
  • If you have a home loan from us, we offer you a 15% discount on new MyLife insurance policies. If you are our Premium Customer or Private Banking customer, your discount is 20%.

Nordea MyLife wins Kuluttaja magazine’s test

Kuluttaja testivoitto

Nordea MyLife emerged as the winner of Kuluttaja magazine’s test in which different loan protection insurance policies were compared in September 2022. The magazine examined the terms and conditions and prices of various loan protection insurance policies offered by Finnish banks. The products were divided into non-comprehensive and comprehensive insurance policies that were scored separately. Nordea MyLife won both categories and was praised for its affordable pricing and flexible terms and conditions.

Read more about the test in Kuluttaja magazine in FinnishOpens new window(some of the content is available to subscribers only)

Nordea MyLife personal insurance can be tailored to your needs. It’s available as loan protection insurance or without the loan connection.

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To whom is indemnity paid and what can it be used for?

  • Tax-exempt one-off compensation will be paid for permanent loss of ability to work caused by an illness or accident. 
  • Disability is permanent if you are not able to return to your former work due to an illness or injury and you cannot be rehabilitated or trained for any new job or occupation. Verification of permanent disability is usually preceded by an uninterrupted period of disability for at least one year. Disability is assessed by an earnings-related pension company on the basis of a medical report. 
  • You can use the indemnity the way you prefer, for rearranging your life or for your daily expenses, for example.
  • You can choose the maximum amount indemnified freely; the minimum amount is EUR 10 000. When bought online, the amount may be EUR 10 000–300 000.

How much does permanent disability cover cost?

The price of an insurance policy is customer-specific and based on your age and the amount of indemnity you have chosen.

Check our recommendation for a policy suited to your needs and calculate the price with our insurance calculator.

Insurance-related customer bonuses

  • As our home loan customer, you get a 15% discount on a new MyLife insurance policy. 
  • As a Premium Customer or Private Banking Customer, you get a 20% discount.

The discount is shown in the insurance calculator after you have verified your identity.

Raise your insurance cover by 15–25% with physical exercise

Nordea personal insurance is the only insurance in Finland that rewards you for being physically active – you take exercise and we reward you with a better insurance cover.

  • Half an hour of brisk physical exercise a day will raise your insurance cover by 15%. 
  • One hour of brisk physical exercise a day will bring you a 25% raise to your insurance cover.

This free-of-charge benefit is included in your MyLife insurance policy. Read more about the well-being benefit.

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