Investor Academy

How do funds and equities work? And what is ultimately the best way to save money? In our Investment Academy, you can explore the basics of saving and investment and learn how to choose the right investment strategy for you.

Savings and investments

How much should you save and how can you manage your investment risks?

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Fund Academy

What are funds and why should you invest in them? We will tell you how to get started with saving in funds.

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Stock Market Academy

How do equities and the stock market work? Find out what you should consider when you start trading in equities.

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Here’s how our Investor Academy works

  • Our Investor Academy is a hub of knowledge divided into three main sections. Each section contains information about various areas related to savings and investments. You can find the three sections above.
  • Feel free to go through the material we have gathered on these pages at your own pace.
  • Compare funds and other investment options. 
  • Start monthly saving today with the help of our Portfolio Designer tool or digital investment adviser Nora. You can also fill in our contact form and our experts will get back to you.
  • Update and test your investment knowledge by taking the test below.

How familiar are you with saving and investment products?

You can take a product licence test in Netbank to see how well you know the various saving and investment solutions. The material in our Investor Academy is designed to help you pass the test.

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